Hey! What’s the speculation on the sex tape? So it’s MM and jess? Is there a guy in it also? Golly, I hope this trainwreck goes of the rails and once and for all. It’s getting way too close now, but I still hold hope.

I don’t know, we keep hearing sex tape and it will be out by Friday. We just got a tip it’s with Jess and who knows who else decided to join in the munch fest.  I guess they were pretty hungry, LOL.  Notice she hangs on people. Jess is going to be pissed, now who let that little gem out? HMMM, MARKLE that’s not how you do it, love.  Kim K and Pammy Anderson took it like a champ. 

There she goes being unoriginal again. Sex tapes aren’t they been there and done that? 

thank you anon 😹😹😹

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