I have no doubt that MM’s dad’s heart isn’t in great condition. However, he’s obviously having panic attacks. He said he’s been “popping Valium for pain” that occurs when he hears about his eldest daughter. Panic attacks can be very severe and feel like a heart attack. I swear that I read something about him maybe not showing to the wedding around the time of the engagement due to severe anxiety. Either I’m remembering it wrong or it was one of MM’s excuses for why Harry hadn’t met her dad.

You’re right, and he seems like he legit is having them. Never drive on these controlled substances you can still get a DUI. Valium is not for pain unless he is going to pain management they feel as though it’s therapeutic. We don’t know his medical history but looking at him he got some issues.  Def cholesterol so he is or should be on a statin, blood thinner, I’m sure our medical professionals can tell us more but without a proper work up they can give a guess. 

Remeber we read that he was not going to make the trip because of a fallout? I posted it. 

Thank you anon 💐💐💐

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