Just use logic and common sense for once, all you Rachel Worshippers out there.


To any dumb sugar out there – or merely naive and very sympathetic people who now feel sooooo sorry for the poor loving couple – just activate your grey matter for once, will ya?


– Had her father really been invited and expected to walk her down the aisle, don´t you think he would have had enough time to get a lot better in shape, get his suit done perfectly tailored, fly over some weeks prior to the wedding date – if he´s really in somewhat poor health – just to make sure he can recover sufficiently and prepare for all that´s to come?

He´s had six months time. SIX FREAKING MONTHS.

The wedding date wasn´t just announced last week. Have we seen Tom Markle changing his lifestyle significantly, have we seen him lose a shitload of weight? No, we didn´t, he looks exactly the same as the day he was papped many months ago, and he´s been going about his business the same way he did for the last years. Why? Because obviously the one person who would have had the responsibility of inviting and instructing him, left him hanging.

So don´t you dare pin the blame on “the people”, don´t you dare pin the blame on “the press.” Dad had not been asked to come, until the very last moment he didn´t know if he would really go, and his son´s letter to Harry confirmed that.


– If you now want to make a sweet Saint out of your heroin(e) Rachel and sell us the story of the distraught, loving daughter who is pleading with her Dad to come and walk her down the aisle…. see, she loves her father, see she is a kind hearted person!… HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, WTAF???!!!! Do I even have to spell this out for you?

Show me one single, sane, truly loving and caring daughter who seriously would ask / plead / beg that Daddy still hauls his ass over to Great Britain just days after he apparently had a heart attack?

Does this sound believable to you, does this sound in any way normal and loving to you? Excuse me, this is sociopathic, ruthless and coldblooded, to be willingly risking Daddy to die. Flying puts extreme pressure on your cardiovascular system, why else do you think doctors would constantly point out the risk of thrombosis? Sitting in this massively crammed, confined space, especially if obese, is an almost certain death sentence if you already have preexisting issues. Heard of Carrie Fisher having a heart attack on her very last flight? Yep, she´s no longer with us, is she.

So what does that tell you, people? Rachel doesn´t give two fucks about her father´s health, obviously. She only wants the wedding to proceed and nothing to cramp her style, nothing to fuck up her plan. Who cares if the old man bites the dust. It´ll make her story even more heroic, would it not? “Oh yes, Earl Spencer was struggling through the day too when he gave Diana away, this is soooo déja vu, it must be fate!” Fuck, no. Earl Spencer suffered his stroke in 1978. He walked Diana down the aisle in 1981. Never recovered to his former health, certainly, thus he was shaking and it cost him all his strength to walk… but there were 3 freaking years of getting cared for by Raine Spencer in between. Get your damn facts straight, you Rachel worshippers.


– Where´s your humanitarian goddess? Why isn´t her ass boarding a flight this very minute and rushing back to American soil to make sure her father is okay? Charity begins at home, people. She can fly all the way to hug half naked black kids in Ruanda for a couple of days, she can do good all around the Commonwealth, but ain´t got the time for Dad in the States?

Where is the reason that the wedding ABSOLUTELY MUST proceed in due time, although the father of the bride MIGHT be in a life threatening state of health? Do Harry and her not love each other enough to get through a couple of months of further delay? Will their perfect love go poof if they don´t get married exactly this Saturday? You always scream about this being true love, joint by fate. True love doesn´t need to get married on the 19th of May 2018 and that day only. True love knows it will remain true love and it doesn´t matter when a wedding will occur.

Oooooh, so you say it´s because all the arrangements are already underway, money has been blown, people have been paid and invited and booked and what not, it would be a massive waste of money!… can´t cancel or postpone now because of that, silly!

But wait, didn´t you drone on and on about how the taxpayers “don´t pay for this wedding!”, the BRF does? So then, where´s the big deal? They are charitable people – like Rachel, right? – so why would they have a problem that good, hard working people were paid for work they have done so far? Keeps the economy going, and for the BRF that money is peanuts. They can afford to simply do the whole gig at a later time. It´s Rachel who can´t. Because more people plus the Prince might change their minds about her wonderfulness in that time!


– Why are you trying to now grind an axe with the press? What´s this fuckery of her and her family being hounded by the press “just like Diana!” “They made her father almost die! They will have blood on their hands again, another life that was destroyed by the press!”

You don´t see that the Narc tries to make the world population and her Prince fall into this exact trap and cry out in indignation that this poor, pure soul is now suffering the same fate as the Queen of Hearts? If Daddy dies, it was the press. If the wedding gets called off, it was because of the press (and the racism of course!). If she has to crawl back to America because all her nudes, sex tapes, divorces, annulments, possible pregnancies and abortions, her possible yachting past, all her lovers got exposed… it was never Rachel´s fault, it wasn´t her fucked up lifestyle, it was the press. And the racism, again. And the misogynism, clearly.

Newsflash: Her mischpoche has been selling her childhood and teenage pics and videos for six months – no, it wasn´t Ninaki, Ninaki doesn´t own all that material. Daddy staged his pics, got paid and got caught. Momma went to see Oprah (Oprah never denied that the interview happened, she only denied a “six hour meeting”). In Oprah´s world of journalism that simply means: we did it in four hours. Bahahahaha!

Rachel blabbed to Vanity Fair long before the world ever expected an engagement to come through, put all her hints out there on Instagram, went for drinks with Piers Morgan just to give him clues that her vag is getting pounded by the Prince of England; not a single girlfriend, future fiancée and later wife of a British Royal has ever dared to do something like that. First rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club!

And first rule of dealing with the press: you do not court them, tease and taunt them, lead them on, use them for your propaganda and then tell them “I want you to respect my privacy!” when it´s no longer convenient for you.

Pandora´s Box has been opened. Rachel is done, whether her Prince marries her or not. NOW she has really pissed off the press, and they will make sure that she will never live this down and will live to regret the day she decided to play them. Have fun with your Duchess Suckalot.


Wow!  That’s is an amazing rant!  Very well said!  Woke me right up!  Thank you so much!  Love it!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for your opinion 

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