Pt 2 – but are there other reasons for this charade? Is he working with her? Or was this a stunt he pulled on his own? How was MM going to explain his failure to be there? That suggests this was a plan between the two of them she needed an excuse for him not being at her “wedding” but he pushed the $$ making aspect too far. Is there more to it? Is this her way of getting out of the wedding? Is the RF letting her do the cancelling? I don’t know.

Part 2 making money- don’t forget the mother, she is not innocent. Look back at all the Coleman Raynor pictures, the family is making bank.  

If you look at the articles on the DM they have a pattern to them, one of the siblings always come after a report with nasty comments, They use the sympathy card for Markle.  Look at the byline Coleman -Raynor. We have been pointing this out for over a year. 

How is Markle going to explain? She just don’t care about anyone but herself she NARC. Yep, another setup.  It’s all about money. 

We have been told this has been a coerced engagement and it has an end date.  They will be announcement calling this off. 

Thank you anon  💐💐💐💐


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