Pt 3. All in all her fame has increased drastically and she has solidified her position in hollywood. If kim k can turn a sex tape into an empire by releasing it herself and getting her family to ride the coattails, so can she and that is what she is doing. This is what happens when people want fame at all costs. Any near 40 low grade desperate actress would do the same. It is all Harry’s fault for looking for a wife by conducting interviews and checking off a list rather than leading with love.

They can’t stand her in Hollywood, what position doggy?  MM is not Kim K, the Kardashians are bankable she isn’t. They are stunning with a great work ethic.  That’s what you get wrong, they are a family and family sticks together not stab one another in the back. 

Who MM is doing a Kim K? oh please you’re embarrassing yourself. 

Sure Meghan, harry interview girls, nobody is going to believe anything Markle says. 

I don’t know where your part 1 & 2 is 

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