This is how her brain works: Came up with a heart attack and then came up with the idea of publicly begging someone with a serious medical condition to fly 11 hours to a stressful situation. Like all liars they keep having to come up with a lie to cover the last. The press is eating it up. Every KP/family statement contradicts the last. The press will come out on top because everything they release appears to be directly from the horses mouths KP & M fam. It will be chaos for a while.

I agree with this, this why it’s difficult to keep track, get the whiteboards and some yarn and thumbtacks. The press is having fun, but I do wonder when they stop playing with the prey and go in for the kill? 

Thank you for the warning anon, I like the heads up, go to Mio he is a barrel of monkeys if you want a good laugh. 


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