We are done!!

I don’t think its a harry ploy and doesn’t seem like an exit strategy. She doesn’t know the meaning of exit. The only way she’s leaving is by force, hopefully RF have figured this out by now. I think it was a plan that went awry like EVERYTHING else. Pr genius Meg prob got the idea from Tumblr and her mom & dad are in on it. Many anons said they would claim last minute health issues.

M plans will never make sense. She doesn’t think thoroughly or rationally. I would say the real goal here was a reason for dad’s absence and maybe she thought she’d get some sympathy “pre-wedding”.

 Mom and Dad profited form Coleman Raynor that have M’s Reitman pictures, they are all profiting from this.  The pap strolls, the terrible clothes from Jess M and Power of prive.  It’s really easy to lump them all together. 

Sickness, whatever, make it done already. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹

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