Sincere question: are people REALLY already brainstorming theories for clear Harry of any guilt because they are now seeing that wedding will happen? The wedding is in three days and Charles does not even want to look in Harry’s face. Harry is defeated. He had the last chance to go back but refuses. It does not matter if there will be divorce, both physically and spiritually: it is over, and he has signed his fate of misery. God, Diana’s spirit is broken because she knows it was his choice

Nope 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 No Wedding 


You know her father is lying his ass off right? He’s not having surgery, he’s been caught out and is trying to save face. Jeez what a family 🙄

Yep, he is actually smart enough to know there won’t be a wedding, oops can’t travel to much gas, hangnail, shampoo my hair. The open heart surgery may have been for her to save her ass. Oh well, too late. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹

Hi it’s The Brit, I went to the pub opposite Clivedon. As far as they are aware, MM is arriving Friday and part of the road is closed on Saturday morning. There is nothing to indicate there is a Royal wedding in the pub. No bunting, signs, special “Wedding” menu, absolutely nothing. Not have there been any reporters or photographers. Zilch. It’s astonishing as you would think they want to capitalise on the ‘Event’ it’s bizarre. Will go over again Friday evening to have a look. X

Thank you Brit , We appreciate your help, I still say NO WEDDING!!! 

God Save the Queen!! 

I am very interested to see how many of the bloggers will stick around if the wedding does happen and how many will pull a “NYCREAL” as I call it and conveniently disappear.

A bunch of us will remain, Skippy, Felix, KUWTR, Vintage, me. NYC will disappear. 


thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹keep the faith 

Roseberrycupcake on dating, get to know the person. More than meets the eye or the rhetoric

I know I wrote that I was going to refrain from further disclosing the details of my private life on here for the sake of remaining anonymous; but some comments in response to Mr. Markle’s alleged heart attack prompted me to send in this submission; as only two people in the world know the story I’m about to tell, I’m not worried.

When I began working at the new hospital, there was a chief resident who was interested in me. At first, I was convinced he hated me; he rarely smiled and was lukewarm at best; he was too polite. As this was an adjustment period for me, I was only going to train under him for 4 weeks.

Third week in, he made his move. We worked on a rotating schedule, meaning someone always had a day off. On his day off, he texted me under the guise of checking up on a patient. Then, he started commenting on the weather. Of course, that seemingly innocent comment was followed by predictable inquiries as to what my plans were for the evening. I doubted my own eyes when I was reading the messages. Juvenile emojis from a 30-something year-old man who is professional to a T? He doesn’t even make light-hearted jokes! I wasn’t sure of his intentions, so I declined his request for a walk in the park with a made-up excuse that I was extremely tired and had dinner plans with friends.

I thought he would have gotten the hint, but apparently he didn’t. Whenever we were working, he would maintain his professional demeanor in front of others; but he would constantly text me. When our coworker had a day off, leaving us to by ourselves, he tried to buy me lunch and a cup of coffee; I declined both. For me, letting a man buy me a meal is a form of letting him know that I’m comfortable with becoming indebted to him and that I will use this meal as an excuse to get another date from him.

Even so, he was very persistent; he said he “knew” that I was “The One” for him; it didn’t matter what excuse I came up with, he kept asking me to “give us a chance.” I just didn’t get him. How could he be so sure of me when he’s known me only in the professional settings for weeks? If you include the days off, we barely knew each other! And I’m a completely different person in private! He didn’t come across as the type of person who would compromise his position or abuse it; so why was he so desperate to date me?

I really tried to deflect his advances; I told him that he should wait until our professional relationship was over so that no one would get the wrong impression; I told him I wasn’t in place for relationships right now; and I told him I wasn’t comfortable with him consistently crossing the line. It was hard, because he was the one evaluating my performance at this new hospital; my reputation as a physician depended on him. So I maintained a polite facade and kept listing sensible rejections.

Even so, he persisted. I don’t know what kind of impression I gave on here, but I can get quite hot-tempered and brutally honest when it comes to the matters of the heart. While my “speeches” can’t keep me from getting hurt, I make sure that all of my questions are answered. So I confronted him. I asked him exactly what his intentions were, and they were absolutely ridiculous: turns out he didn’t want to date me; he wanted to MARRY me.

Yup. You read that right. A man wanted to marry me after 3 weeks of working with me. I thought it was utterly ridiculous and downright crazy, and I should have ended things right then and there; but I didn’t. I was foolish enough to think that I can let a freaking sociopath down without hurting his ego. When I told him that I thought we should just remain friends, he thought that meant “friends with benefits.” While I’m not going to disclose all the embarrassing details of the confusion that ensued, allow me to highlight several incidents: when I told him of the stories of my previous relationships to let him know why I’m not interested in relationships, he told me that I should keep such details to myself, because we’re mature adults who should handle our own emotions; when I gave him a sample of my writing, he turned down my request to read it, because “no man would ever read essays that long”; when I called him in the evening to tell him about the new coworkers, he said that I shouldn’t talk so much when he’s so tired.

He gave me enough excuses to even end our “friendship,” but he didn’t get why I was so upset with his behaviors and why I wasn’t marrying him. When I listed the above incidents along with many others, he just kept getting angry with ME! He displayed all the behaviors of the both of my exes combined and checked off all the warning signs I had written to myself. He even dared to tell me that I should be using a more gentle language. I wasn’t even swearing! I kept myself from getting overtly confrontational; we ended our phone call on a relatively amicable note and haven’t talked since.

It’s been a long time since then; but I did something I knew I shouldn’t have done a couple of days ago–the 14th, to be precise: I called him. And to those cringing, let me explain: aside from Dr. F (who was married), I actually had pretty decent men ask me out or show interest; but apparently, I was more traumatized by the incident than I had anticipated, because I couldn’t bring myself to go on dates with most of them. In fact, I made up excuses to avoid such circumstances in many cases. That chief resident was one of the first interactions I’ve had with an opposite sex since my hiatus from dating; regardless of how light it was, I thought there was something seriously wrong with ME to end up attracting him.

I have no regrets regarding my decisions to abstain from relationships; but what–or rather who– made me call him that night was one of my supervising residents who recently showed interest in me. My training under him ends on the 19th; and he keeps emphasizing it whenever we meet. Like Dr. F, he maintains respectful distance and decorum when working with me; but unlike Dr. F, he flirts whenever we meet in the elevator. He’s dropping enough hints that he will ask me out after the 19th, and I honestly wouldn’t mind getting to know him. The problem is, I’m scared that he might end up being just like that chief resident who pretended to be decent just to reveal his true nature when he THOUGHT he had me in the bag.

All these new feelings and potential consequences of going out with a (former) superior frustrated me great deal; the fact that this one is willing to wait while that chief resident disrespected my requests really angered me; and I don’t know if it were the ridiculous hours at work or the fact that I was extremely exhausted, but I snapped. My anger reached the boiling point and I was absolutely furious. I knew perfectly well that I shouldn’t call, but I didn’t care; so I called him. He picked it up immediately, and I recited all of my points by heart. The more I vented, the angrier I got. All that anger from my previous relationships boiled over, because he shared his faults with both of my exes without having their good qualities. While I barely refrained myself from swearing, I found myself shouting in the middle of the street. I had never lost it like this before. Even during my worst arguments with my narcissistic ex, I always maintained a degree of self-restraint.

In the middle of my rant, the chief resident made one statement that silenced me: “My mom has cancer.” I didn’t quite know what to say. All I could mutter in response was, “Oh.” His rushing to find someone–anyone–to get married to made sense now; certainly, I empathized with the difficulty of the situation. Then he said, “You don’t need to apologize; you didn’t know. I didn’t tell you. I didn’t tell anyone” (I don’t know why I ever would have needed to apologize for getting angry at his misbehavior). The rest of that phone conversation included him admitting that his feelings toward me were exaggerated because of the circumstance; yes, he’s been on numerous blind dates since telling me that he will wait for me forever (“because we’re meant to be”) during the last phone call; no, he didn’t apologize; and no, he didn’t tell me exactly what kind of cancer his mother has or what kind of treatment she was receiving despite my questions.

You would think hearing a possible explanation for his actions would have given me peace; it didn’t. If anything, I was angrier the next day with his brazen attitude than I were during the phone call. The fact that his mother has cancer has nothing to do with the fact that he used and abused his position of power. He knew exactly what he was doing when he was trying to convince me that he were my soulmate. I wish I could write down all of the ridiculous things he told me at and outside work. All of my logical questions were deflected with “But don’t you like me? You don’t hate me, right?”, “We can work things out once we get married”, “All men and women are alike; there’s no point in dating if you know you’ve met the one”, etc., and I really was stuck. Reporting such comments come with more consequences for me than it would to him. I would be ostracized as the “disgraceful skank” when he had a reputation of being a complete professional. He knew how vulnerable I would be at the new workplace, and he took advantage of the circumstances; his sick mother is irrelevant to his selfish actions.

So you can imagine my disgust at the suggestions that Harry is somehow obligated to stay with Ms. Markle during her father’s “health crisis.” The same commentators would probably tell me that I should have accepted the chief resident’s continuous advances despite his admissions during that last phone call for the sake of his sick mother. Just because the circumstances warrant sympathy doesn’t mean despicable behaviors are acceptable.

I was on the fence about writing this submission. It’s quite humiliating to admit that I failed to heed my own advice on a public forum. But hopefully, those reading will recognize that there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to romance. While it’s true that love should be selfless, it should be self-centered in the sense that you shouldn’t stay in a relationship with someone who makes you deeply unhappy. No one should be forced to be in a relationship with someone else for the sake of others’ happiness. We all deserve to be happy.

-Roseberrycupcakes (RCC)

Thank you for sharing, be careful girls guys will tell you anything. 

I am facing reality it’s happening. To me, then letting this happen is total disrespect to everything they stand for. I’m American and Hispanic so it isn’t about race; I just think Ms Markle has too much to hide. I think her father is sick and she hasn’t gone to see him. If the BRF really cared about appearances they world have had her take a picture getting on a plane. That’s my take on the situation. Something is not right and the wedding is happening. She truly does not care.

Trust me on this, NO WEDDING, but everyone free to decide. Don’t worry everything is going to work out. 

Thank you anon 💐💐💐

Meghan Markle’s mother touches down in the UK for emotional reunion

Meghan Markle’s mother touches down in the UK for emotional reunion

“I hope she is happy …”

“Oh and another thing, Rachel…. Donnie ain´t Barry! He is not kissykissy and all chummy with Harry and the Queen, and you were stupid enough to speak out against him. Barry could have influenced the media to leave you alone… Donnie will pull no favors for you” ——— BRAVO !!!! Whoever you are you got it right … BIGLY Rachel wanted badly to be a movie star, a humanitarian, and a liberal activist. This is her time. This is her chance …
“I hope she is happy … I hope she is still happy”. Remember that, Megsy? Donnie was not joking. He meant it. It was his pleasure to make you happy … Are you happy, Meghan? (Lily)

Thank you, Lily, she is a fool! Donald Trump! WTH