Do you think by any chance the whole ‘dad not attending’ drama could have been staged. Until a few weeks ago it was certain her dad wouldn’t attend, and there were reports of Charles or Will walking media meg down the aisle, we then get this letter from her half bro insinuating her dad hasn’t been invited, next thing we know he’s walking her down. All along there’s been reports meagain wanted her mum to do it. Maybe by causing drama with her dad she expects sympathy & her mum be allowed to do it

Yes, it’s all staged from the beginning.  MM pap stroll, mom, dad, brothers, the sister, all of them and they will never quit, they made an industry out this. 

If her dad is having open heart surgery, he is not going anywhere. My healthcare professional all say no way, bed rest. There is so much to watch out for. The family is a bunch of liars. 

Will has best man duties, I don’t think  Charles should do it, he rather have needles stuck in his eyes. She wanted her mom all along, I would not put it past her to make her father look like an ass.  What MM wants MM gets no matter how many people she has to climb over. 

Thank you anon 


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