G’morning JD. Dear anons, why should get Markle compensation to go away.. She was given an agreement, she coerced. That’s enough. Markle will never be part of the RF. This circus and damage she & her family causes for the BRF in the end is a very clearly sign for it.. The BRF stands for British tradition & values and is a respected institution worldwide, people are not aware of the difference btw pre/after status, that is relevant.. There won’t be a wedding. Keep the faith in HM.. ;)

Wink! Thank you very much! We are getting down to the wire people are getting nervous, I understand. Nothing is what it seems, now we have a person claiming that Harry is googled eye and teary with MM and Prince Charles super mad. This person claims to have flown to London in 4 hours and is in at KP.  The wedding will go on, I don’t believe it or feel it.  

Thank you wink 💖💖 keep the faith tumblrs in HM


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