Apologies in advance for another another choppy submission. I just deleted a very long post because there is just so much information that it gets too confusing.  It’s too much to throw at you right now.  I did want to address some things though, and  offer some new info, so I’ll do this now and work on the rest for later.
I told you my source says odds are in favor of wedding.  This remains true.  (in fact, his words were “don’t be an idiot.  A wedding allows them to live and fight another day”).  (Yes, I’m the idiot).  This is NOT to tell you to lose hope.  Of course things can change in the remaining time and negotiations continue.    I think, though that this is where the disconnect happens with info.  You all are focused on the wedding but the source is focused on what is behind the wedding.  That makes it a bit difficult for me to convey how things are.  I did ask what might be the ‘parting gift’ and was told ‘something only a crow would turn down.  Always seeing something shinier to go after’’.    
About my phrase ‘and so it begins’.  That was in reference to palace staff starting to speak out.  Please recall that I was able to tell you exactly how the staff were feeling and being treated, about the lack of communication, about MM not interacting with them at all and how information was being kept private and it is now confirmed.    And so it begins that staff is cracking open the door to show the public there is a problem.  They feel their loyalty has been abused.  Expect to read more. 
I told you about PH’s demeanor and it is confirmed.   Although he does not desire a marriage with MM ( at least as things are now)  he was at one time happy with her and motivated to show a progressive monarchy.   Now he is a very angry man, angry at literally everyone which I will explain in another message.  Expect to see him suddenly appear relaxed and happy on Saturday.  (source’s words again…“better living through chemistry”.)
Expect to see someone at the ceremony that was not expected to be there.  And expect to note the ABSENCE of someone whom you WOULD expect to be there.  If that 2nd someone does attend the ceremony it will be for the benefit of another attendee but you will NOT see this person at the later gatherings.  This someone is the reason for this wedding and they know it and have trouble hiding their feelings. 
Expect to see entirely conflicting stories in the press, sometimes from the same sources.  This is the result of opposing sides reacting to each other, peope with an axe to grind, a political group who just got lucky about the circus and are using it as a platform, and simple dollar signs. 
Again, I ask that you understand that this info comes from source(s) and I offer it as such.  I’m conveying it in terms of the wedding happening because that is what the main source says.  Try to remember though that even if it does happen, the gent is strongly encouraging me to look behind it, that is where the real problem is.  
I did see questions from anons that I’m going to try to answer in another submission.  I need to go through the blog though to refresh my memory of them.  Just too much in my head right now, lol.  
Oh yes…speculation all.

So wedding still up in the air….negotiations continue….as always….thank you London Scoop…..I’m not giving up!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you for all you do! I am here to the end and completely trust wink!

Thank you cmcfadden0513, we don’t believe this going to happen why come after us?  If these people are so sure about themselves why should they bother? They think that someone that charges $500 an hour is becoming a working Royal? Hmm…

Nope, not until I hear I do then I’ll tell what I think. 

Maybe that suitcase actually IS mulroney’s, what are the odds of them having identical ones? I still don’t buy that Doria is in London. Even the fact that she traveled first class is shady, the royals themselves travel economy, both Harry and William.

Right! It’s a double standard, we still haven’t seen Dorito in the flesh or Jess?? Where are they? Wouldn’t the kids have to practice, one screw up organization this is what makes this unbelievable?  I still don’t feel it. 

Thank you Ninja  

“I can reveal that inside the palace walls, the wedding is cancelled- To HM, Charles and rest of BRF and staff. If anyone is still going through the shenanigans and trying to have a wedding it is Meghan and Harry. ” —- How does the anon know this for sure? Anyone can throw out statements like this. Where is this info coming from and is it concrete with proof?

It’s up to you to decide like any anon including yourself

Why didn’t Dorito go to the wedding rehearsal ? I know its the brides third wedding but you would think her Mum would want to be there, maybe Camilla took her shopping for a wedding Tshirt.

I have no idea, buying clothes? She brought an overnight bag. One would think she would be there. 

Thank you anon 

JD, don’t be sad. You all did your best at exposing the whore. Maybe it’s Harry’s fate. Some things don’t add up but it’s where we end up. It’s tragic, c’est la vie – well, his vie. Karma will come for MM and all who planted her in his life.

I’m in physical pain not related to this mess. All of us tried really hard, but I’m going to wait until I hear them say I do.  If it happens, I will continue on like any other day on WordPress reaching out to most Social media sites along with Skippy and Felix.  One stop, posting to reach the masses. 

Thank you 💜💜🌹🌹🌹