OMFG love Camilla she gave Kate the WTF look when the black Bishop was going on , he was nuts , not very Royal . PC PW were smiling , PE & PH were trying not to crack up. MM looked embarrassed. PH looked nervous. Is it just me it’s like they don’t really know each other . Doria was out of her depth & nervous. Image if the press drop bombs and say all D pap pic’s were also from Coleman & Raynor , poor Dad was thrown under the bus . Wait until the John’s come out. Sit back Tumblrs the fun

Camilla is great!  They were all stunned, a WTF moment, they’ll be talking about that one for years. 

Harry was trying to get his hand free, but vulture kept grabbing it. 

This is what I’m waiting for, so far dud. I’ll believe it when I see it.  Anytime press, go for it. 

Thank you anon 💖💖


RE: the race discussions- wouldn’t it be a more genuine and more appreciated and feel like you finally had been accepted for who you are not color of your skin if it came to you as a real gesture from the white people from their own accord and not because you forced it on them. I’ve never understood this. If you encourage people to treat each other with love and mutual respect the acknowledgement grows out of that on it’s own accord. That would mean true change happened. This is a facade. Sorry.

Thank you anon, I agree people should not fear or be coerced💖💖

No Royal Wedding happened, not impressed

Why were people laughing? I saw that Harry cried at his own wedding but smiled when looking at her but it wasn’t a real smile though. I felt that he doesn’t want to marry her but something happened like she gave him some kind of disease or something so now they have to wed.

Harry had a drip going on. We are all laughing, that was not a royal wedding! They couldn’t be bothered to bow and curtsey to the Queen who paid for this?

Phff, disrespectful.

Thank you anon 💖💖 

She got to wear Queen Mary’s tiara! The same Queen Mary who refused to meet Wallis for many years! (Edward VIII ended up tricking his parents into meeting her.) I suspect that Queen Mary, the Queen Mother, and Princess Margaret did a simultaneous turnover in their graves this morning. On a side note, PP is awesome! He walked without a cane today!

I agree with this post!!!  We love Prince Philip💖💖💖

We didn’t lose, we won. Let him marry her because in the long run they’ve proved to the whole world that their stick up arrogant snotty self centered and abusive. That they can break any rule they desire but in reality a change is coming a good one. Whether they like it or not. They can pretend to be happy out in public pretend to care and try to make changes but people want change. Now that the brf tradition is no longer true, and their celebs, people will eventually ignore them.

That’s right, we are still on the side of the Monarchy and the English people. We will defend GB. Did you know that skippy went on the official royal website and idiot is listed right after the Queen?! 

The country/world wants their traditions or what’s the bloody point? 

Thank you anon 💖

Jersey Deanne their defying everything. Their gonna try to have kids even though she’s diseased and can’t have any naturally. But they will also try to stick together for life. So this will be painful for the world to know and see but also for the brits. In time I calculated the chart in years of how the brf will gradually decrease in rate due to massive rule breakages and plastic faces. Everything becoming like dictatorship. The public wanting change will overpower the monarchy.

You can call me JD, yes, they are, they shouldn’t breed. I would love to see your chart.  They can’t call this a royal wedding, I posted a real Royal Wedding Kate and Will.

thank you anon 💖

Here comes the bride! Meghan Markle leaves Clivenden House

Here comes the bride! Meghan Markle leaves Clivenden House