No surprise with the new statement. Since we know there is no palace help and these two are planning the wedding alone. That’s why the decor is going to be terrible and the statements are not well written. Most likely she hired someone from her confidence who writes and releases, someone who does not know how to do this and does not know how or who to ask. ps. Harry is drunk and smoking by now, probably.

Yep,  MIO!!!  MM is a control freak she may have done it herself. Maybe it’s me, but wildflowers droop quickly. 

Prince Harry drinking, yep he should be liquored up and pop a pill for this farce. 

 No bra, sky-high floppy shoes🤡🤡🤡🤡💩

Thank you anon 💐💐💐😁


Sparking With Sparkles

Sparking With Sparkles

Faith in HM

And yes even PH. I can understand the disappointment everyone is feeling, but I don’t understand the loss of faith in HM or no longer believing in what Wink and LS have said. Or what we have said we know in our hearts to be true. I think I find it just as hard to believe that anons are saying the monarch is ruined if this wedding takes place as I find it hard to believe things have gone this far to the eve before the wedding. Those that have followed the BRF for decades know this is not how things are done. Those that have followed this MM shitshow know she has been caught in lie after lie. Yet for reasons yet to be revealed as to what it got this far everyone is ready to give way to the ruin of the monarch just when they need it the most. HM gave a solemn oath to God and to the people of her realm to serve the Crown. It is her life’s duty to always protect the Crown. Harry is 6th in line to the throne. And yes tomorrow he may very well marry a Low life ho. And yes marriage in the church is sacred, but God works in mysterious ways. There is a reason the Queen has not been stopped this marriage yet that none of us is privy to. No way she would fail at her duty to protect the Crown just to let Harry marry MM because he threw a fit. We may never know why this is what is happening today. But my faith remains strong that HM is putting her duty to protect the Crown and allowing this to go as far as agreed upon because it is the lesser of the two evils.

I do have faith in HM, the Republic movement are taking this as an opportunity to do away with the monarchy, they should be worried about that one.  I believe this is the goal all along.  Lattedah there are too many comments here and on the DM, twitter not to notice. 

The firm needs to be strong, don’t complain, don’t explain doesn’t work anymore, that’s how Markle got in, to begin with. 

Thank you 💐💐💐

Agree something is definitely brewing & it’s heading straight to the United Nation. Mark my words🤔. The British monarchy will NO longer hold power once Liz is gone and the establishment knows it. They recognize the new world order is almost in place so don’t be surprised if the BRF fizzle out. But heyyy they made sure the sixth in line to the British throne have direct ties to the USA in some capacity. U know JD I don’t mix words. But the truth is this union is all business. NOT LOVE.- Eclipse

Eclipse they could have picked someone better for the job. MM is going to rack him over the coals we all know that. There is something bizarre happening, they are flip-flopping all over the place.  That’s not the monarchy we all know. 

The palace can’t keep up with the instant information, this is when the truth shall set you free.  Social Media will be the undoing, MM will continue to leak eating away at the Royal Foundation. 

Thank you Eclipse