Meghan’s mom fights back tears just before daughter walks down aisle

Meghan’s mom fights back tears just before daughter walks down aisle


Having only seen the carriage ride of the wedding, I would say that is a small crowd. Not tiny, but I can see why they wanted “crowd fillers” outside the castle. Windsor certainly was NOT full to the brim. JD, what did you think about today?

I think it was a joke, the ceremony was terrible. HM didn’t look pleased. We never got to see the signing of legal documents, the flowers were awful.  The look on Elton John face said it all.

Questions: how many showed up? What do people think of her wearing white? Why were people laughing at them when they got married? What’s with the tradition rules being broken? Why an American priest? Why was a few of his family there and hers 0? What are the updates? How do people feel about them now??

I don’t know, to most, the laughing is the American Reverend doing evangelical turned into political speech, the Yorks could barely contain themselves. My mouth dropped and I was rolling on the floor laughing. 

Meghan disowned her family. What updates? Wait for the smoke to clear. 

On my end they can’t stand her. MM has something over them.  They took her race card off the table, inviting Oprah  she witnessed personally the red carpet treatment. 

Thank you anon 💖

The size of crowd gathered is embarrassing. I thought all her fans will flock to windsor seeing how they’ve been fighting with us

It was a good size crowd, all the celebs, society, and royals.  Strangers like Geroge and Amal got to sit in the choir area along the royals, Jess and Ben got to there!!!  It cheapens the monarchy, my heart goes out to them. 

thank you anon 💖