All I can say is TGIS! (Thank God It’s SUNDAY!!!)

The day of rest, amen sista !  Advertisements

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JD don’t even mention that veil. Why in the world was it so long? Catherine’s wasn’t even that long. The train on Catherine’s DRESS wasn’t that long. To me it screamed pretentious. The dress wasn’t horrible, but could have been fitted better, but it was not something I would wear. Also is it true Harry said “I’m shitting this.” To M when she reached him? In a church? I’m hoping the person who made the gif got it wrong.

It’s stupid and it got stuck walking out if she had a proper wedding planner none of this would happen this way. The flowers were terrible!  Markle could have gone with impressionist type with color, it would have been super cool.  Harry said I don’t know where all this coming from, where did you hear that one?  Most likely she was joking, this is a joke.  Thank you anon 😁💖💐🍹🍹🍹🍹

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Dear Jersey I wrote that MM won? I was wrong! It’s really hard to describe what I felt few minutes ago like a wave of such emotions that I couldnt breath. God won! Love won! PH has saved his FD. He somehow let her free. Broke the chains. It’s just Wow! If I understand more I will write.

It’s okay, we are all on edge by this charlatan. We shall see what she won or didn’t win. The Royals should not underestimate her, she has a puppet right now.  Writing brings out the emotions you can see clearly.  Thank you nuclearanon

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