The more the BRF give her to conceal what she’s holding over them, the more they actually reveal to the public that they’re hiding something. A better strategy would’ve to just come clean by denying whatever is in the tape. There’s an element coersion but I guess their main worry is the blackmail. Trevor got paid! Told you so! He knew from the get go, which gave him the plot to his storyline. NDAs don’t come cheap; I did say. I also think him, Corey and Joe are on a retainer; courtesy of Soho!

Thank you very much, do we have a scoop!?  Listen, I don’t know who you are, we need some proof. I love love SOHO tea! 💖💖


As for the vows, if the baptism, which is more important in Christianity, was fake, why wouldn’t they be fake too? They’ve lied through their teeth about everything else. When it all ends, they will just site irreconcilable differences. I think Diana’s ring was fake, otherwise why wasn’t it used as the engagement ring. He had to have her Diana connection. Please help to rally the question of the visa on Twitter and the HRH title for non-citizens.

They can’t , that piece belongs to the crown.  We are, we question the Visa, we question the baptisms, the confirmation, how could be done so quickly? We know Richard Kay lied, ArchBishop, lied!  People have some explaining to do. No more don’t complain, Don’t explain, they allowed MM to walk all over that. 

Thank you anon 💖💖