Tarot for Ph and MM


THE PSYCHO: Mental block , anxiety , neurotic need for approval and control , instability, a risk taker unwilling to work for the money she desires  , dissolution of a partnership with disparate goals , stuck in ones ways

RELATIONSHIP : blurred boundaries , socially immature, one sided love , sterility , heart break, recklessness, failure defeat , uncertain outcome , anxiety , failure to act due to worry , shame , wastefulness , disappointments, wishful thinking

PH: unhealthy obsessions , inability to disentangle oneself from negative relationships, self destructive patterns of thoughts, overly optimistic, willing to become involved in a lost cause , agility in balancing many things , suggest an obstinate desire to hold ones ground , unwanted interference by relatives , I ask when the relationship will finish I got the number 7 …seven months , seven weeks , seven years 

Thank you the igg23


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