Something is off ANON

Ok, I’m with you that she is off. There is definitely something up. But why does he look happy? She could barely open a suitcase with a note of surprise… she’s not that good is she? What’s missing?


Either he a really good actor or he is trying to make ago of this unfortunate coupling.  We are also hearing there is someone else, that’s very possible given he did have a true love affair over the summer, don’t know who that is yet. This is a giant audition for her for the after marriage gig, what that will be? remains a mystery but hints towards a humanitarian like Diana.  Someone needs to inform her she can’t live off the money of charity, that not how it works. 

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Middletons Anon

Super off topic but seeing the Middleton’s at the royal wedding made me wonder what they are like in real life. What’s Carole like in real life? She seems so tough in candid shots. Why is Michael never with her in social events except for society weddings? What’s Pippa like? Should I ask Skippy too? Love your blog!


They are a normal upper-middle-class family who brought their kids up with manners and were given the best education possible thanks to a relative. They are hard working turned an idea into an empire.  Carole devoted to her children in all ways; I think Michael is not the spotlight kind of guy, somebody has to do business while the other helps with grandkids. 

I heard Pippa is a sweetheart.

It’s up to you if you liked to get Skippy’s opinion. 

Thank you anon for the ask


LA anon

since I did not watch the farcical nuptials did the minister ask if anyone objects to the marriage or reason to not join together? if so anyone notices brf’s facial reactions? why Cartier jewels not being called out esp after obscene taxpayers’ cost for carriage ride? Is kate always lambasted while padded fanny girl gets no rap on her knuckles? if she went to Catholic school those nuns r fierce she should b fearful. my b.i.l was in Vietnam green beret. he still talks about the fear of nuns. L.A.


Yes, Archbishop did ask and give plenty of time, they couldn’t hear Felix and I scream NO she is a HOE!  😹😹😹  BRF was trying to hide behind programs, hold the laughter in, the Queen was not amused one bit!  HM looked like she was sending mental darts at her.  The carriage ride of taxpayer hell, insert the eye roll.

Kate is always so regal, she belongs there she really does, they love one another, 3 beautiful children and Markle fan club are going to take it out on her. It is disgusting!

The tide should change, the press will start and this time they can’t say a damn thing, don’t complain, don’t explain.  I posted that she got panned on the ugly outfit she wore, it looks like they didn’t finish the damn dress, it’s fringed?? eww, Markle should get her knuckles rapped a few dozen times.

Forget the enemy watch out for the nuns!

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Who is Mischa Nonoo courtesy of Aeltrileaf

Who is Misha Nonoo?

By Anonymous

So, the British public was subject to another vomit inducing article from the intelligence services Daily Mail : By Meghan’s royal appointment: Duchess of Sussex’s ‘matchmaker’ and friend Misha Nonoo advertises her label’s ‘Husband’ blouse as the ‘shirt that sealed the deal’ (and she isn’t the only one making the most of a royal wedding connection)

So, who IS Misha Noonoo, I mean Nonoo? There is some speculation that Misha Nonoo ex-wife of Paddle8 founder Alexander Gilkes, introduced Markle to Prince Harry:

Soho House and Paddle8 are basically the same London crowd:

The young Royals (William, Harry and Kate) have been bleating on about ‘mental health’ issues and front the charity Heads Together

Partners include Virgin Money (Branson) and BlackRock

and Anna Freud, National Center for Children and Families (connections with Tavistock, CAMHS, Clement Freud…McCanns, etc

and Dyncorp and the Child Mind Institute…and Jeffrey Epstein….

This smells doesn’t it?

Well, looking for more articles on her:

Nonoo is Jewish and was born in Bahrain to an Iraqi father and an English mother.

You’ll find nearly all articles on her will only give that much information on her family.

And they all highlight the fact that she’s Jewish. Like this one: The Jewish Matchmaker Who Introduced Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

and this:


Her mother is British and her father is a Bahraini Jew and member of the prominent Nonoo family. The family emigrated from Iraq to the capital, Manama, in the early twentieth century and can count members of parliament, the founder of the Bahrain Human Rights Society and a former ambassador to the United States among its ranks.

Like Houda Nonoo

Nonoo is the first Jewish person, and the third woman, to be appointed the ambassador of Bahrain. She is also the first Jewish ambassador of any Middle Eastern Arab country and the first female Bahraini ambassador to the United States.

Prior to her appointment to the Majlis al-shura in 2005,[10] she founded in 2004 and presided the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, a society for the advancement of women’s rights as well as of foreign workers in Bahrain. For a total of three years served as a member of parliament (40-member Shura Council), after being appointed by King Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifah. Her appointment made headlines because Houda is part of the small Jewish community of Bahrain. Bahrain’s Jewish community reportedly consists in just thirty-seven people, most of whom are the descendants of immigrants from Iraq and Iran. Nonoo is not the first person in her family to enter Bahraini politics or member of the Jewish community. In 1934, her grandfather Abraham Nonoo served as a member of the Manama Municipality, the first ever elected municipal body in Bahrain. In 2000, a cousin, Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo was appointed to parliament. The Nonoo family is originally from Iraq having moved to Bahrain over a century ago

On July 3, 2008, Nonoo was appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States, a role that also involves responsibility for Bahraini diplomatic representation to Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina (non-resident). Some local media criticized the appointment and Radio Canada reported that her nomination was controversial within Bahrain, with some suggesting that a Jew might not be the best choice to defend Bahrain’s refusal to recognize Israel. Al-Khalifa rejected these concerns

Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo

Ebrahim Daoud Nonoo (Hebrew: אברהם דוד נונו‎) is a Bahraini Businessman and a former member of the National Assembly of Bahrain. he also is the current CEO of the Basma Company.[1] The Nonoos are a Jewish family originating from Iraq. In 2006, he financed repairs to the country’s only synagogue.

Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society

Its president is Houda Ezra Nonoo, making the Society unique in the Arab world in being the only human rights group headed by a Jewish woman. Nonoo is a businesswoman. Another prominent member is trade unionist, Faisal Fulad.

Bahraini Wahabi Monarch Al Khalifa’s Zionist ambitions revealed

The appointment of Houda Ezra Ebrahim Nonoo, the first female Ambassador from Bahrain and the first Jewish Ambassador of a Muslim Arab country in Washington, was praised by U.S. diplomats when it was revealed recently in one of the Wikileaks cables.

She was credited with organizing the meeting between King Hamad and Bahraini Jewish immigrants in the U.S. and arranged a dinner at the home of Rabbi Levi Shemtov, director of the Washington office of American Friends of Lubavitch, with the Bahraini foreign minister and representatives of U.S. Jewish organizations.

The facts Narrated above shows the Inclination of the GCC Arabs , and the Injustice of the Bahraini Monarchs , that in the country where , Shia Muslims who are there in a Majority are even being , denied of their legal right of having Government Jobs , Such as in Municipality , Police , and armed Forces, But a Women of Jewish Community is been appointed in a Muslim Country , at such an Important Post of Ambassador of US, as this shows that these Monarchs of Arabia , whether Bahrain, Saudia Arabia, UAE, Qatar, or Kuwait call them selves Muslims but , they are Munafiq ’s, and one hand they are creating sectarian divide in the Muslims, by Propogating Wahabism in the Arabs of Muslim World, and second of all they can go to any length to make Happy their Masters, by serving the Zionist Regime of Israel. Which are Openly defying Muslims of the World and working to destroy Islam , as the fore fathers of these Arab Monarchs were even Zionist, who never wanted to be Muslims , but were fascinated by the Power of the Muslims in the world , and to enjoy the Powers , they declared themselves as Muslims , but deep in heart were Zionist , and that can even now be judged by there rulings and there acts of Promoting Zionism in the World by all there deeds and orders, and on the other hand doing injustice to the Shia Muslims Majority of the country.

In can be very easily judged that by appointing a Jew at such a Key Position, of a Muslim State, cannot be in the favour of the Muslims, but in the favor of the Zionist, So they can condemn the Muslims and divide the Muslims, on all the accounts available. The British government is responsible for creating Wahhabism and its agenda given to Ibn Abdul-Wahhab through their agent Hempher and is now being carried out by extreme Wahhabis—ISIS.

Interesting connections, no?

Edit: UK royal wedding a monstrous lie: AcademicYouTube

Re: Food for Thought Ask

I liked what this anon had to say about how “regular” people react to this mess. But I really do not think Harry is smitten or thinks he can make a go of this. A successful relationship cannot thrive when it is based on coercion “fraud of trust” dishonesty fear of exposure etc. Surely Harry knows this. Nor can a successful relationship thrive in an environment where both his family and the public despise the woman.
I truly think Harry is hopeful his family will provide him with a way to “exit” this woman quickly and because of the coercion she used to get in – the best way perhaps to dispose of her presence is to encourage her to leave on her own choice.


JD said: Be careful not to underestimate her, the firm is mighty, but as long as MM has insider help,  the Royals will have more embarrassment.  I send good wishes to those trying to stop this. I remain loyal.

Thank you anon 😉

Hi JD, Hope you are well. My thanks to Dolphinchen for more or less summing up my thoughts on the BRF and this mess. So I am now looking for the silver linings, which are: 1. We are in for some great comic entertainment, with her amazing capacity to pull idiotic grins and faces. 2. she is awesome when it comes to making any dress she wears cheap and ill-fitting. 3. She and her PR do wonders for Cambridges’ image. 4. Thank God for Kate’s grace and dignity which I now appreciate deeply.

Thank you anon! I feel the same, get healthy snacks now, we pigged out too much but always spill the tea.