wedding guests con’t SCOOP

wedding guests con’t SCOOP

hearing more in dribs and drabs LOL. The reception was designed to be a “networking” event for MM’s future career. So we must forgive the RF for the tackiness. Her agent was given the job of getting big names there but failed. A sign of how bad her rep is among the entertainment and fashion types. This is not good news – MM will only leave when she gets the financial and fame situation she wants.…

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A-listers looking worse-for-wear in celeb snapper’s throwback photos

A-listers looking worse-for-wear in celeb snapper’s throwback photos

So was LS saying Harry sacraficed himself for something bigger behind the scenes? If so why? Also then the royal family and monarchy greatly owes him then.

I don’t have that answer, or I’d tell you, but MM was involved. Harry trusted MM she betrayed that trust and coerced him. That will never change with me. At least the Monarchy found out what kind of women she is thanks to the trusty work of tumblrs and their anons.  

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Hi JD. I sent this ask to Skip also. Catching up with all the wedding pr flooding my social media, I see Northwestern has a congratulations message calling her an alumni. So she did graduate or not? Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to see what’s real and what’s not.

She is alumni even though she didn’t graduate, Markle completed 2 years. 

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Why bother to go to the garden party if you are only staying for 20 minutes ? it makes no sense at all.I wonder if M slipped her phone number to somebody ?

Yeah, well, either that was it, or something happened, I say no bra got her kicked. A true Royal and Duchess wear appropriate clothing, what do you guys think? Please, answers in the bubble.  🗯

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Blind Item #13Apparently, this former actress turned bride invited a whole slew of A+ list celebrities to her wedding she had never invited because she wanted to meet them all. They are the same celebrities who would never have given her the time of day previous to this. Most of the people she invited said no because they thought it was weird to be invited if they had never met either person. One of those people is this A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee who sho

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Blind Item #14Speaking of that wedding, it was pretty interesting that one foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wasn’t invited. Oh, our actress wanted her invited but doesn’t know about the three day weekend her groom spent with the A lister. Apparently that is one weekend he doesn’t want to relive. He treated the A lister like crap and she got some revenge two years later although she won’t say what the revenge was.POSTED BY ENT LAWYER AT 12:01 PM 8

This is good, it’s picking up speed getting spread around,  I guess J Law??

How about you? Answer in the bubble.  We shall tally the votes. 

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JD, Julie here. I am limited with WiFi so missing all the daily fun. My opinion hasn’t changed. I was a 100% no marriage but something went wrong in the background. Timing not long enough and she would not budge. Stupid woman, hope she is prepared for next 6 months. They now have total control of every aspect of her life. Every single thing. She is out of her league. Go HM. Love you so much. Force of Nature to be Reckoned With. She is the Grand Master. I will love watching the next few months.

Julie our roving reporter somewhere in Europe!  Yes, you are right Julie HM the Queen has stepped in to take this Hollywood Fame Hoe and make her into a Royal. God bless her and Samantha the Panther for taking on the task. 

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😳😳😳 OMG! JD! No lie? I had a vision this past weekend of PH and Chelsea having a tear-filled conversation over the phone. I was watching “Casino” and there is a scene where Sharon Stone’s character is talking to her ex-boyfriend/ex-pimp on the phone the night she got married and she’s crying and Robert DiNero’s character overhears. A vision of PH and Chelsy doing that popped in my head and then this article comes up. Deja vu!

Wow, how cool! Thanks for sharing this with us, 🙀😻