Henry Cavill is the Villain in Tom Cruise’s MI6 Fallout


Don’t worry JD I a.m not violent and loathe violence either :) unless, she really wants it…hahahaha we are actually accommodating people, we belong in third world country but most of US are educated and never give a Damn attention to the monarchs. We are not part of it, but I have issues with regards to hypocrisy! :) i a.m against of users especially people using Children particular those in poverty in order to promote their names.

I agree with you, it’s disgusting, this broad also represents the United States of America,  everyone falling over her, wait until all of it comes out. Then watch good Moning American and the rest go OMG! 🙄🙄😲😲😬😬😱😱🤬🤬 Nice right? 

This is their way of shutting her up having doobie doo still making her announcements? Do you know what she did? She just told them I’m not going quietly. 

Thank you anon 

A coat of arms represents a family correct? Smeggy having one means that ALL Markles can use that coat of arms, am i right lol? Samantha is gonna LOVE this…

Actually, no because this is Harry and Dummy. They need to pay for one themselves like the Middleton’s did. 

Thank you anon 

Extra Skippy has informed that is her coat arms and has nothing to with Harry that will come years down the line 

Well then a kid is also on her punch list. She’ll go from here only when SHE wants to. Dont know what she has on RF or how exactly she has hoodwinked H, but she is not yet tired. Once she gets tired and bored, then she’ll leave. Sad part is, H has already lost his family and friends, may be then, he’ll lose some of his loyal supporters too (not all, I know you guys love him). Sending all the strength to you all..

Thank you anon, he didn’t lose his family but someone needs to put a stop to this, it’s out of control. BP wants her quiet and the press to be limited and look what just happen! 

We all must respect different opinions in this world, but i feel the need to point out that many critics of Harry today (myself included) were past Harry fans. We more then capable of criticising/disliking him AND not like Smug Face at the same time. I and others i’m sure resent being bundled on the same pack, the way Rose has done in her post. Sorry JD just needed to get this out. Keep up the good work :-).

I’m still backing him no matter what, everyone is entitled to their opinions.  I still don’t like her, she is fake. 

Thank you anon  we will