Doomed Marriage


Oliver Cheshire, Pixie Lott, Kitty Spencer connection

Just found out that Oliver Cheshire, the guy MM appeared with in that black dress looking pregnant, is Pixie Lott’s fiance and Pixie Lott is friends with Lady Kitty Spencer. I hope he spilled the beans to Kitty and Spencers know it already!
The plot thickens, I hope they do too! Spill the tea!  Thank you anon 💐🍹🍹🍹🍹

Sorry took me while to come back with a staff story. M was interviewing for a PA for her in KP and halfway through the interview she says “actually don’t bother answering that question l have gone off you already”. This level of callous rudeness may be ok in the US but it would be seen as breathtaking bad manners over here hence the leak from a third party staff member.



We shall call you Staff anon… she is so freaking ignorant!  Wow!  How long ago was this?  Where is she now?  Can you find out?  Thank you!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The thing is one can actually believe this is a true account!

We are not like that in the US, this is something MM has in her mind to belittle people to make her seem better.  I hope Samantha Cohen can reel her in. 

JD are you moving over to WordPress? I’ve already got a blog on WordPress but it’s to do with my private life and l don’t want to divulge ….(people judge me terribly) shall I, can I, open a WordPress account? I only have one email addy and one phone number….I’ve only got ONE account in all the blogs. Thanks SQ.

We are integrating over there, yes. Felix and I and skippy supposed to join later.  We want to protect ourselves from being shut down and hopefully make some money with affiliate ads.  Of course, you can open another blog and import everything from here over to there, we connect to twitter, tumblr and we trying to debug Instagram. 

Some of the people are horrible here, I added StatCounter, I have to pay for it, but I couldn’t live without it.  I label the trolls. I’m tired of racist people period,

I’m a one account girl, same name for all accounts. 

I like that I have categories on WP, so Henry Cavill has his own space. 

Let’s follow one another, we can have fun. 

Thanks, SQ 

PS: I haven’t made a penny, it’s actually cost me money 

Hi JD. Anons can’t leave asks on ♏️23’s blog but can I just remark, OMG, what a beautiful lady!

Let’s do it this way @scorpiotwentythree she is and that anon couldn’t handle it sent Vintage a message and called Scorpio a coward, like really dude?  I’m quite sure Scorpio can kick your virtual ass! 

Thank you anon