This Is How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Make Money

This Is How Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Make Money


PR PLoys

The special duchess training is another of her games. We should all remember she was getting Princess training from an assortment of people including Kate and Harry and Palace advisors while she was conducting the fake affair pre-engagement. Or so she claimed over and over again in article after article. Rinse repeat (LOL) she is at it again. Princess lessons! For the one-hundredth time. If the other 99 princess lessons were fake why would you believe she is getting real princess lessons now? More of her games to convince you she is a real royal wife and keep her name in the news.

JD says; Agree there about the PR to keep her sinking numbers, pull the mom and the wicked half-sister out for sympathy. Don’t you think Samantha Cohen is real? Or is this more of MM bullshit to play with the blogs and Media. 

Thank you anon 

JD, Houghton Hall in Norfolk where yesterday’s trials were held is the property of Lord Chamberlain, Ed Lane Fox comes from Bramham Park in Yorkshire where other horse trials are held.

Sorry, I read it wrong, it’s still very cool, and we appreciate ELF service to Prince Harry and the Monarchy. I need to rest a bit I been a this since 5 am. 

Thank you sorry for any confusion 

Meghan Markle Will Be Getting Special Duchess Training

Meghan Markle Will Be Getting Special Duchess Training

Go Fund Me, We need to hire someone to enter in all the plugins and get the site interactive





Go Fund Me, We need to hire someone to enter in all the plugins and get the site interactive

Hello, I’m jerseydeanne, I’ve been blogging about Prince Harry for last 18 months on tumblr nonstop.  I need your help to start my website on WordPress; it’s getting be a lot more expensive then I expected. I need an expert to help configure the website for me.  of course, that cost money.

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Anons….please keep in mind it’s JD who has all our information….all the proof!  Felix and I both lost a years work, but JD has all our good stuff!  This is a blog for all of us!  Please if you can, every dollar adds up!  Thanks guys!  And if you can’t donate, that’s ok too… is just as important, more so….it keeps us all going!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I just donate ! I enjoy your blogs a lot …great! continue the good work 

Very kind….thank you @the-igg23

Thank you so much Igg-23 that means so much, and these are your blogs too, the anons and bloggers have contributed so much. 

Hi Its The Brit.what everyone has overlooked is the fact that Givenchy the designer died in March!! Now, was MM hoping to garner more publicity about her dress because the legendary designer died? If so, it back fired. When the British press have mentioned her dress they HAVE NOT mentioned the illustrious couture house. The association with with A Hepburn etc. The dress has been discussed and the British designer but not Givenchy themselves. This is not givenchy, it’s the in-house designer. X

Ahh, okay very excellent point, I’m surprised at that too now that you mention it. The magic is in the details. 

Thank you Brit💖💖

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Click here to support Support Prince Harry blogs organized by Deanne Masters

I want Harry to be happy & healthy l. Granted we don’t know what going on in his head& many people are giving us what’s going on. I feel bad because if it’s true he’s alone now. She pushed all his friends away. A person who is going through a lot like he is, needs an outlet. If people don’t have an outlet, they could get worse. I’ll pray for him.

I agree he can talk to me in private if he wants, I’d image he wants his friends back. If they are true friends they are there, Harry needs to call them without her being around to control everything.  That’a what NARCS do they isolate their victims. 

I pray for him too. 

Thank you anon  😢🙏🏼

I’m not trying to be political here, but the more I hear about Megs,the more am reminded of the behavior of Hillary Clinton. The padding of her resume,her sense of entitlement, control freak,and her horrible treatment of others. No remorse ever or compassion. You just can’t fake that. Her dad was so good to her, If it’s true she’s treating workers like dirt, behind closed doors, it should be stopped, now! She’s already a legend in her own mind.Hill was close to Harvey Weinstein…just sayin.’

It’s okay anon, I feel you. Honestly, I think she is the one who threw her father under the bus. The evidence goes back to MM with Coleman-Raynor having the Reitman pictures, she was getting paid for that.  Frigid person to do this and to treat a potential assistant like 💩, she has been described as a sociopath by an insider.  You wonder why I’m still here? I really care, I mean that. 

Thank you anon