Duchess Lesson Elle South Africa


TMZ predicts Canada for Honeymoon

I wouldn’t have guessed Canada


Isn’t that special, but I think there is a problem with her visa, we are engaged in Privately behind the scenes right now talking about it.  MM can practice those duchess lessons in the meantime, OBEY RACHEL  MARKLE 

Thanks, culinary 💖

Go Fund Me, We need to hire someone to enter in all the plugins and get the site interactive


Hello, I’m jerseydeanne, I’ve been blogging about Prince Harry for last 18 months on tumblr nonstop.  I need your help to start my website on WordPress; it’s getting be a lot more expensive then I expected. I need an expert to help configure the website for me.  of course, that cost money.
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Thank you please help


W and M didn’t get a house until G was born, why should H and M be treated differently.

Thank you anon, you mean Will and Kate, Exactly, no more special treatment. A year off like Kate, to learn everything. MM wasn’t even ready for the wedding. No more pushy Duchess, her ass belongs to the palace, and she will obey!  MM knew what she was getting into, they change her not the other way around.