I’m not trying to be political here, but the more I hear about Megs,the more am reminded of the behavior of Hillary Clinton. The padding of her resume,her sense of entitlement, control freak,and her horrible treatment of others. No remorse ever or compassion. You just can’t fake that. Her dad was so good to her, If it’s true she’s treating workers like dirt, behind closed doors, it should be stopped, now! She’s already a legend in her own mind.Hill was close to Harvey Weinstein…just sayin.’

It’s okay anon, I feel you. Honestly, I think she is the one who threw her father under the bus. The evidence goes back to MM with Coleman-Raynor having the Reitman pictures, she was getting paid for that.  Frigid person to do this and to treat a potential assistant like 💩, she has been described as a sociopath by an insider.  You wonder why I’m still here? I really care, I mean that. 

Thank you anon 


I know their relationship is “Fake” but I believe they could be on the honeymoon. We haven’t heard or seen them for almost a week. PH is normally a private person so maybe they’re just throwing people of their scent. It’s just a theory.

That’s cool anon, none of these places are good anyway, too touristy,  we have heard she needed her spouse visa, I don’t know how long that takes, plus she is to start the lesson with Samantha Cohen. 

Thank you anon 🍹🍹🍹

Revealed: Where Meghan and Harry are likely going for their honeymoon

Revealed: Where Meghan and Harry are likely going for their honeymoon

TMZ predicts Canada for Honeymoon

I wouldn’t have guessed Canada


Isn’t that special, but I think there is a problem with her visa, we are engaged in Privately behind the scenes right now talking about it.  MM can practice those duchess lessons in the meantime, OBEY RACHEL  MARKLE 

Thanks, culinary 💖

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W and M didn’t get a house until G was born, why should H and M be treated differently.

Thank you anon, you mean Will and Kate, Exactly, no more special treatment. A year off like Kate, to learn everything. MM wasn’t even ready for the wedding. No more pushy Duchess, her ass belongs to the palace, and she will obey!  MM knew what she was getting into, they change her not the other way around. 

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