Potential honeymoon site, keeping her name in the news


No post M didn’t want to invite white side family to wedding. So she orchestrated all nonsenses of her siblings and dad, in order to show good excuse to the public. The question is why? What she wants to hide must be so seriously deadly.

MM didn’t invite any family members but her Mother?  Her family can’t do anything for her at this moment. They will be used at a later time when she needs sympathy. 

MM is already in phase two of this scam, getting her house close to Soho House. Promoting the area for the money hungry that I been posting. 

It’s getting political and add the wealthy influentials, I apologize in advance, but these people are all connected. 

thank you forheavensake💖💐😸

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What’s up with Sam (or “Yvonne”) and her daughter? I saw a tweet from her, saying she has nothing and wants nothing to do with her daughter because “she worships the devil.” I don’t like Sam at all because she comes across judgmental and harsh. There’s nothing I could do short of murder (and that’s questionable) that would make my mom stop loving or caring for me.

Yes, thank you! I think Sam is mentally ill. I saw a video interview on Twitter with her, it’s not right, she is not right, nobody should be doing interviews with her or her husband. They are medicated, and Sam IMO is not capable of making decisions for herself.  I was so embarrassed for her when I watched it, it was a sin. ☹😲😨😳😬🤤🤑I’ll try and find it.

Here is the tie in with Nicholas Johnston and Meghan Markle

The Sun and the Daily Mail keep reporting this, is this MM PR? is this Markle’s hint to the palace she wants this as part of her settlement for annulment/divorce?  More question and add more characters to this endless pile of  💩💩💩. If you say it enough does it happen?  I’d lay my money on the palace first.  Sam Cohen going to whip her into shape.
If she doesn’t want to work then tell the country, yes I’m a lazy bum just after your money.  Then Harry can support her with his inheritance.  We all know her number, she wants the glamour tiara photo ops.  We got a tip she treats the help like shit, Markle is condescending, rude, unroyal during her interviews with assistant candidates.  We were right along.