Hey JD, have you ever thought about using any plagarism detection software on the cray cray comments that might be MMs? tbh, i thought your blog was a bit much at first, but i started reading some posts for fun and realised that there is a distinct similiarity between RinseRepeat, LisaLing and MM Tig articles. You should def have a look at the different types of sofware out there capable of recognising disinct markers of a specific writer. Thanks for bringing the truth y’all!

I have Grammarly, it comes with plagiarism look up, I would love to run the poem through. Yes, they are one in the same. 

Thank you anon  



My thought is she wants maximum pr for the honeymoon. She is already using it by speculation about where they will go. Trying to create anticipation. I doubt they are on the honeymoon though because I think she needs the spousal visa so they are waiting for that to be processed? And we aren’t getting pr.
Mio said the honeymoon will be a working honeymoon so she wants that exposure of her as Miss Humanitarian. Mio said they will visit charities while on honeymoon. So that means pr. So no honeymoon yet.
But that sure tells you a lot about what their relationship is, doesn’t it? Work on the honeymoon. MM is in a rush. She wants to get this royal phase of her life done and dusted so she can move on.


Thank you anon, a good chuckle 


work for charity

I think what anon meant by Harry has to work for charities to get paid is that he has to do the RF work to get support from his father. As well as RPO’s etc. Furthermore, Harry’s expenses when he travels for a charity are paid for by the charity. So when Harry pops over to Botswana for African Parks, they pay his expenses. Same with IG – the Invictus Foundation or the countries organizing committee pay his expenses. He then has to work.

Winkie alluded to this too. She said Markle did not understand there was so much work to royal life and she had no taste for that work. She seemed to have the illusion she could become a royal and vacation and party and spend taxpayer money on 5-star hotels around the world. But Winkie said when she found out that was not true she lost her interest.

Markle is a con artist, and she has right up to now maintained a lifestyle based on getting freebies in return for sex and favors. She merches etc. too. So for her, the RF is just another chance to get freebies and support her luxury lifestyle dreams. And she don’t care about how legal it is either. This is another reason she will take them down if they do not get real about dealing with her. She is a con artist a hustler and a jail sentence just waiting to happen.

Thank you anon, I know how it works, and wink is accurate this girl is in LA LA Land. MM doesn’t know how it works; she thinks we have been lying to her.  Now, she has to shape up or get out. It’s going to be interesting how they will deal with leaking a recording of Sam Cohen, to be a butterfly in the room tomorrow to listen to that go down.  My big question is are they away on their honeymoon or not? 

MM future plans

I think one thing we have learned about her is she announces her future plans. Remember back in July she laid out the IG-engagement scenario on E!? Well now she is announcing her plans as the Duchess through her mouthpiece Mio.

She had said in a Mirror pr piece during the faux affair that she wanted to start her own foundation. That was also part of the pre engagement plan she was going to the UK to set up her own charity work and open her own office. So we have a theme here.

Now Mio says she has a special project to be announced later. Take this seriously.

My guess is she plans on establishing her own foundation (humanitarian Meg LOL). Gives her the Diana image she deludes herself about and a salary. Throw in some Jolie too. She will use her time with the RF to make contacts with donors. She may even get them to give her own foundation that is something that has been speculated about. We dismissed that but face it a lot we dismissed has happened. Might be a price they’d pay to get rid of her?

So this is where she at least is planning to go – her special project. Because Markle is going to “change the RF” she is not going to do conventional RF patronages. And because she is planning on leaving she has to set something up for herself while she is there.

Of course, one hopes the RF finds a way to be rid of her so none of this happens but it is at least the plan she has. Take it seriously.

I’ m going to take it all serious, I swear I got anon saying about Harry has to work for the charities to get paid and MM didn’t realize she ‘d actually have to work. Why does that sound like MM?

She is nuts!  Let her get caught embellishing funds from charity especially women charities.  Thank you anon 

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JD, I think we should push on SM to researching her alleged two kids. That would be the ultimate breaking of her. The U.K would hardly accept her many marriages let alone two kids whom Harry would have to (step)father.

Wow, we need proof of two kids, Where did the other kids come from, I heard one nows it’s two?!  MM will look terrible abandoning them if true.

Hells bells anon, the rumors are rampant. 

Thank you anon  🙀😀💐


He received an OBE from the Queen for his charity work. There is no public record of him being involved in any effort around uniting Ireland, and there is now no great sentiment for a united Ireland. Bill Clinton was a major figure in the Good Friday agreement which ceased hostilities in Northern Ireland, but his foundation does no work in Ireland or Europe but is primarily doing health issues in Africa.

I do not doubt Fitzpatrick is a figure in this, but there is little to suggest uniting Ireland plays any role in this especially since the RF has nothing to say on that matter. The Good Friday Agreement makes it a matter to be settled by a referendum in Northern Ireland. No such referendum is planned now. Frankly, most Brits would be happy to dump the problem that is NI on the Republic and most people in the Republic don’t want the problem.

It seems to me Fitzpatrick if you connect the dots leads to Slick Willie and then to Ron Burkle. Which leads again to Soho House. But an interesting wrinkle is that Burkle was going to provide funding to bail out the Weinstein company. The deal, however, fell through just recently. And of course dear Oprah is a close buddy of Weinstein and refused to condemn him, and Clooney is caught up in the H Wood sex scandals too. However, I don’t see any connection of Weinstein to the RF. Still looks like Epstein to me. Or PA backing the Soho House loan.

So many webs of deceit here and so many people tied together in that web.

This I agree with, for the most part, I do know about the OBE. The Clinton gang, it always seems to come back to them, the latest with her recording of Sam Cohen and giving it to Irish outlet is disturbing.  MM had the opportunity while she was there with Harry, we have to find out the date on the recording.  Thank you anon