PR PLoys

The special duchess training is another of her games. We should all remember she was getting Princess training from an assortment of people including Kate and Harry and Palace advisors while she was conducting the fake affair pre-engagement. Or so she claimed over and over again in article after article. Rinse repeat (LOL) she is at it again. Princess lessons! For the one-hundredth time. If the other 99 princess lessons were fake why would you believe she is getting real princess lessons now? More of her games to convince you she is a real royal wife and keep her name in the news.

JD says; Agree there about the PR to keep her sinking numbers, pull the mom and the wicked half-sister out for sympathy. Don’t you think Samantha Cohen is real? Or is this more of MM bullshit to play with the blogs and Media. 

Thank you anon 


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