Do we know what M’s visa status is ?

It’s conjecture at this point, we hear MM’s waiting for her spousal visa, which I don’t get. This should have been done already.  I believe she got the wrong one.  Nobody has seen her after the Garden Party, people are saying that she is still living at Soho Farm House, using the helicopter to get to KP. 

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I love the pic of Fergie, Bea and Eugenie. They get along so well and you can tell really love one another.

Thank you, I love that one too, we are making the new websites into an online magazine. That came with, and it downloaded itself here. Only thing is it happened in Spanish, but we have Spanish readers here. It’s okay. 💖💖

I just realized something. How is it possible that there has not been one single sighting of H&M, other than planned events, since the engagement announcement? Not one. Not in the grocery, walking into a restaurant, nothing. I find this strange. There was mention in an article (sounds like her PR) that they have been spotted in Cotswolds, but no pic, no other article, nothing. Doesn’t Harry need to check out the latest hunt gear in a store, buy a sandwich, something? I find this strange.

There never has been, you see Kate and kids all the time.  Markle should be due for being seen by next week.  She craves the attention on her controlled terms.  Makes this farce even sadder. 

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Look at Dail Mail UKre was the model of car used to ferry markle to the church a cruel joke because it was the same model used by Duchess of Windsor Mrs Simpsontried to post the link bur the Ask section will not accept that.

You must use photo links, no the ask. I did see that, there all these suttle digs thrown at MM she probably loved, or she doesn’t care.  MM is turning into Wallis, eww…

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JD, you don’t have to post this. I have my suspicions about Julie. She does make sense at times, but that constant roving around Europe stuff is a bit much, even if she does it for work (and I am a traveler myself. I am an American who was in Europe several times this year.) Her photos look like they’ve been taken from Google Images. Does she have any pics that definitely prove she is where she says she is? Like a newspaper on the newsstand with the date on it?

That’s my fault, I add a google image of the places where her cruise went. Julie is not internet savvy like me, we need help. Julie doesn’t know how to submit, and that’s okay we love her anyway. 💖💖

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Meghan Markle and the Royals – The Queen and Prince Charles


Let’s take a look at how the royals see the new member of their family. 

summary for the lazy readers:
They will destroy her
reputation and image, she will be completely finished when this is over and
isn’t get much in the divorce either. Should have run when she had the chance. 



Her Mercury (communication/intellect) square his Mercury
+  Sun (self) square Mercury + Moon (emotions) square Mercury =
Squares are hard/bad aspects and they have so
many! Her communication style and ideas rub PC the wrong way severly, these are
highly problematic aspects. This causes misunderstandings and serious
differences of opinion. There is much criticism of each other. He is
hypersensitive to the ideas and viewpoints of Meghan. These two will never be
on the same page. If you ever read articles or see clips of them “getting along marvelously”, it’s BS.

Mars (action) square Neptune (illusions/hidden
= Charles is elusive
or deceptive in reaction to Meghan’s actions, might do things behind her back.
Couple this with his Uranus (surprise)
in her 12th house (hidden enemies)
, and you have the “You too, Brutus?”
blow. She does NOT have a friend in him and he will take action behind her
back. Fun fact: I always burn a
candle while I read tarot and this time the wax left a scorpion tail, which in
wax divination means hidden enemies/deceipt. We also know Charles is a Scorpio.
Funny how it all ties in so well.

His Pluto (Destruction) sits exactly on her Sun
(self), both at 12 degrees Leo + his Nessus (abuse) in her 10th
house (status, social image)=
He can (and probably will) destroy her image, reputation, status.
Period. Power urge combines with destroying urge. Pluto and Nessus are the most
violent and distructive things in someone’s chart and he puts them right on her
self and her status. The queen also has this with her, keep reading.

Chiron (pain) in the 8th house (in-laws/shared assests/family
assets/ inheritances); has this with the Queen too so the two royals will have
the same attitude:
Don’t think she’ll receive much from them
and what she does get she’ll be unhappy about. They will also be unhappy that they
have to give her things, they won’t give wholeheartly. That story about the
haunted house might actually be accurate and I doubt we’ll see her wear jewelry
from the crown, and if she does they will be pieces they don’t care much about
(as we have seen on her wedding day she wore an obscure tiara, only worn once,
not a cherished piece like the tiara Kate got which was worn by both the Queen
and Princess Anne).


I read tarot for them twice: Before the wedding = BW; and today, so after the wedding = AW.

Charles sees her: 

BW – 8 of pentacles = someone willing to work hard, I think he had hope in her at first, probably actually believed her lies about how commited she is to charity work.

AW – 4 of cups = he feels a sense of apathy towards her, kinda “this isn’t what I wanted, but what can I do? *sigh*”



Strickingly similar to Charles, but worse, more
violent, Charles has a sneaky approach of dealing with her but the Queen isn’t

Mercury (communication/ideas) opposite Saturn (authority/restrictions)
= Much criticism and dissaprovement. Queenie is
apt to judge harshly or to belittle the mental attainments and ideas of Meghan.
Meghan can also bring Queenie worry of some nature cause resentments to grow in
Queenie’s mind + Meghan’s Mercury sits
on the Queen’s Dejaneira (victim) =
when M speaks, the Queen’s ears hurt
hahaha. In real life this plays out exactly as we’ve seen at the wedding:
Meghan: “ – I’m a feminist and proud to
be a woman!”/
Queen: – resting bitch

Mars (actions) conjunct Pluto (destruction) + Chiron
(pain) in Meghan’s 10th house (social status) + Nessus (abuse) on 10th
house cusp
= Meghan’s status and image will suffer because of the queen
(smear campaign after divorce). Can’t stress how bad all these aspects are,
only one would be bad but all 3? Complete destruction and a violent one too!

Mars (actions/agression) in Meghan’s 8th
= There can be
conflict over joint finances, inheritances or alimony. Queenie will resent and
resist the forceful attempts Meghan makes and will regard her as authoritarian,
self-righteous, aggressive and uncooperative. Doubt she’ll be getting much
(if anything) in the divorce.


How the Queen sees her:

BW – Death; AW – Tower – these two are the worst cards in the deck and it’s safe to say the Queen dislikes her immensely. The cards both mean destruction and signify feelings of chaos, sorrow, worry. Shame on Harry for upsetting his grandma like this!

Next we’ll be looking at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Spoiler: it ain’t getting any better!

Whoah Meghan Markle your royal pain in the ass, you are in trouble, bless your heart darling

What has Meghan claim Harry has hit her??? Is she looking for people to hate her even more. I know he’s not perfect & we all have our demons but I don’t think he would lay a hand on a woman. He might tell her about herself. I know I don’t know him but unless she has proof, she’s the biggest lied of them all.

No, her followers have claimed that her husband Trevor was abusive and they claimed Harry is, no he wasn’t I will fight like hell against that accusation. 

Thank you anon where do these sugars get this from?  They really do make it worse for her from day 1.  No chance to like her when you’re calling everyone a racist, maybe Meghan should call off the Harklstan. 💐🍹🍹🍹🍹