A two lease for a two year marriage.😂 I really hope it does last that poor British taxpayers have paid enough for the whore.

OMG, you’re right 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


JD, Julie here. To the person who is confused about who I am. I am retired. My husband still works. We, and 1320 other Australian travelers are on the 3 Queens cruises. First we went to London for few days then on Queen Elizabeth we did 14 nights in Baltic then back to England then in to Queen Victoria for cruise of Norway and it’s Fjords. Back to England on Friday then Queen Mary 2 to New York next week. JD has kindly done some photos for which I am very grateful. I love BRF. Simple as that

Thank you, Julie, I appreciate that you took us on part of your journey with you, Ioved it!   It was fun for me to look for pictures.  Many people have never even been out the country before, the world is an amazing place. 

Julie this is what you will see as your ship come into the harbor, it’s still pulling at my hearts strings, She is an amazing lady.  Enjoy your time NYC, it’s fantastic.  Bon voyage my friend! 

forgive my ignorance, what is a soho farmhouse? why would she be there? also, if freedom of speech and press is truly being blocked in uk, isn’t that illegal. can the royal family or the powers that be really do that and get away with it

Soho Farmhouse is one of many member-only properties for Actors and creative types. You must get two members to recommend you, then you are voted in. The farmhouse is in Cotswolds, it’s a state the art Shanty and pigsties that the truly pretentious can hang out and be way overcharged, it’s all the rage! Crap on a cracker? 

I have many anons on WP that said they could not get through to tumblr. This has happened sporadically.  It’s a Monarchy, it’s not America.  Yes, they can.

Thank you anon   

I note your request for money for GoFundMe to continue your blogging about MM. Would it not be more useful for people to contribute to employing Private Investigators to find out who MM’s backers are (assuming they exist)? The Press may have a good idea, but they’re not letting on, and worldwide we’re all sick of this.

I’m not a computer coder, this is also for Skipy and Felix to set their stand-alone blogs, we are having issues getting the codes to work, the plugins are a bit of a nightmare. Skippy and Felix’s blogs were shut down at one time, I don’t want this happen again. It cost money to do this. 

The information to find the backer, we can only point to articles of affiliations MM has had. The investigation you are talking about would cost an arm and a leg. I mean millions. 

The influential people must have it just not unveiling it.  MM PR was very expensive and there no way on God’s Gren Earth that this was the palace.  Her PR was based on what she could earn, that’s a big no. An independent person paid.   Did you read London Scoops, wink, Markle got help. 

Bloggers put up go fund me all the time to keep them going. 

Thank you anon 

off to the doctors 

PS: we could run affiliate ads all over the place

Prince Harry and Meghan’s children will NOT be princes or princesses – here’s why – Derbyshire Live

Prince Harry and Meghan’s children will NOT be princes or princesses – here’s why – Derbyshire Live