forgive my ignorance, what is a soho farmhouse? why would she be there? also, if freedom of speech and press is truly being blocked in uk, isn’t that illegal. can the royal family or the powers that be really do that and get away with it

Soho Farmhouse is one of many member-only properties for Actors and creative types. You must get two members to recommend you, then you are voted in. The farmhouse is in Cotswolds, it’s a state the art Shanty and pigsties that the truly pretentious can hang out and be way overcharged, it’s all the rage! Crap on a cracker? 

I have many anons on WP that said they could not get through to tumblr. This has happened sporadically.  It’s a Monarchy, it’s not America.  Yes, they can.

Thank you anon   

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