I note your request for money for GoFundMe to continue your blogging about MM. Would it not be more useful for people to contribute to employing Private Investigators to find out who MM’s backers are (assuming they exist)? The Press may have a good idea, but they’re not letting on, and worldwide we’re all sick of this.

I’m not a computer coder, this is also for Skipy and Felix to set their stand-alone blogs, we are having issues getting the codes to work, the plugins are a bit of a nightmare. Skippy and Felix’s blogs were shut down at one time, I don’t want this happen again. It cost money to do this. 

The information to find the backer, we can only point to articles of affiliations MM has had. The investigation you are talking about would cost an arm and a leg. I mean millions. 

The influential people must have it just not unveiling it.  MM PR was very expensive and there no way on God’s Gren Earth that this was the palace.  Her PR was based on what she could earn, that’s a big no. An independent person paid.   Did you read London Scoops, wink, Markle got help. 

Bloggers put up go fund me all the time to keep them going. 

Thank you anon 

off to the doctors 

PS: we could run affiliate ads all over the place

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