The RF has nothing to do with the Pearl so far from my reading. It’s a controversial project with some local residents opposed to losing their country to too many foreign ‘investors’ but also has its benefits creating jobs and development and could boost the economy. PH happened to be stopping there at the time of the ground breaking ceremony and participated since his grandmother the queen is the head of state there still. What does it have to do with MM? My money’s on PA and Soho House.

Why did Andrew help Soho with a loan if they are going turn around and stab him in the back? That make lousy business sense to me. 

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Meghan Markle cannot be a princess and a feminist. Irish Times

Meghan Markle cannot be a princess and a feminist. Irish Times

Laura Kennedy: Prince Harry’s new wife has sacrificed her freedom and her career

At a time when so much of the way we interpret reality is funnelled through gender and race, Meghan Markle’s inclusion in the British royal family is bound to draw comment. That she is an American, a divorcee…

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radar article

After marrying Prince HarryMeghan Markle is now apowerful figure with a voice that can draw the world’s attention to any humanitarian or charitable cause she chooses, but many in Meghan’s family aren’t so lucky! exclusively learned that Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland, 61, is “miserable” after being silenced by the Royal family.

“Doria can’t eat, speak or otherwise open her mouth…

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family visa includes the fiancée visa. So she could have gotten a family visa. She now needs the spousal visa which for an ordinary person takes 2-3 weeks to get. They might speed it up for her so she might get it by now. Once she gets the spousal visa she can leave the country for a “honeymoon”. We’ll see where they are by June 9th – Trooping. If not here then the two of them are off somewhere.

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Hello JD! I just read your WP about anon speculating that the wedding maybe about covering for PH. At the end you stated that it may be about the Pearl? I haven’t heard about the Pearl, would you mind explaining? Sorry still somewhat new to this page:)

 Prince Harry stopped by during his Caribbean tour to see Jack Warren the Queen’s racing manager.  This was off-book, but I found the article on a thoroughbred racing online mag and posted in November 2016.  Zara was hired to train horses and guests at JA wedding were a who’s who of online gambling.

I shot the article over to Richard Palmer at the time and he gave to the sports section. Dropped the ball.  

Rumors were swirling about the Canadian diversion never happened, Markle was already on the island.  The grocery store pap stroll was done in advance to throw everyone off.  

Smoke and mirrors.  It implies that the royal family is investing in the Pearl. 

Thank you anon 

Strategy? (Maybe should not be posted?)

Strategy? (Maybe should not be posted?)

I am trying to see some hints of a strategy to be rid of Markle. What got me thinking along these lines was Lily’s comment about “in their mind” this was the best option. What would make them think this wedding was their best option? My thought is – keep your enemy close let them think they have won and that is how YOU win. Perhaps that is what made the RF believe the wedding was their best…

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