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Media articles blocked in U.K. Require full article regarding:- ” Did Dorito really sign an NDA?”

Hi JD,
Worldwide media articles about MM and royal family blocked here in the U.K. RadarOnline, National Enquirer etc, blocked in U.K. Please can you give us the full article:-
‘Did Dorito really sign an NDA?’. Our freedom of speech is being eroded in the U.K when it comes to MM, the royal family, etc.

Sure give me 10 minutes I have screenshot it, Radar doesn’t allow copy paste. 


family visa includes the fiancée visa. So she could have gotten a family visa. She now needs the spousal visa which for an ordinary person takes 2-3 weeks to get. They might speed it up for her so she might get it by now. Once she gets the spousal visa she can leave the country for a “honeymoon”. We’ll see where they are by June 9th – Trooping. If not here then the two of them are off somewhere.

The Queen has stated no interference, the country would be up in arms about that.  MM was supposed to do everything on her own.  Including getting baptized and confirm which is another lie. The night in question, Prince Charles went to an awards ceremony for the Prince’s trust.  Well documented in the Daily Mail. 

I’m not an expert in Visa’s and we did toss this around with healthy debate, now we will do it all over again.  UGH! 

We all know MM is dying to do trooping of the colors! 

Thank you anon 

Strategy? (Maybe should not be posted?)

I am trying to see some hints of a strategy to be rid of Markle. What got me thinking along these lines was Lily’s comment about “in their mind” this was the best option. What would make them think this wedding was their best option? My thought is – keep your enemy close let them think they have won and that is how YOU win. Perhaps that is what made the RF believe the wedding was their best option.

I think we should assume that any strategy would include first isolating her from allies. Second, discrediting her, so nothing she says has credibility. This includes letting the natural course of events occur. The press will take her down, and the RF will not interfere. They also won’t initiate it either unless MM breaks the NDA. Third, divorce or annullment due to revelations.

I think isolation is occurring now. JM was discredited by the DM revealing her merching. JM got her payoff with her kids in the wedding party, so she is done. The lawyer also had their kids in the wedding party. Doria is isolated by the NDA and because I think the press will go after Doria first MM loses her as an “ally.” Marcus has already kept his head down, and he will jump ship when he sees her sinking. Others were also “paid off” by the wedding invites such as the Suits cast. MM is isolated because married in with a killer NDA they control her.

Of course, they also must handle the real culprits the behind the scenes power grabbers. I do not think we will see that struggle. We will know the RF has won that power struggle because they will not defend MM from the press takedown.

So this is my best guess as to what their strategy will be. MM is very stupid IMHO, and without her benefactors, they can handle her. Does MM look triumphant to you?

Perhaps this is indiscrete and should not be posted. I leave that up to you.

I agree with this, if they have shut her down, which I think they have painted her in a moves left. corner with no 

We need to find Markle, that means the press needs to find her.  We have tips that she is at Soho farmhouse, but she could be trying to fix that visa problems, NYCrealroyal claims she was there in a family Visa?? What family?  If we believe that, We have to throw in the secret wedding rumor,  I was never in agreement with that rumor it violates the marriage act, but is that possible? 

Thank you anon 

Prince Andrew

I am trying to figure out the mystery and went over LS’ posts. LS said there was more than one reason for Prince Andrew’s disdain. In a previous post she said without identifying PA (although she does in the later post) She says “this someone (later identified as PA) is THE REASON FOR THE WEDDING and they know it and have trouble hiding their feelings.

So PA is the reason – he is the man the backers sought to influence. This is why they targeted Harry with MM to get at PA. Harry has been sacrificed at least temporarily for PA. Oh geez. It shows I think that one’s sins have consequences. Both Harry and Andrew have been indiscrete and immoral making at the very least extremely poor choices about the people they associate with. And it catches up with you.

Seems to me now that I realize PA is at the heart of this that it is the Epstein case again. I will go no further. But this is just horrifyingly sad. And I must say the Queen’s unwillingness to police the family is at fault here too.

LS also says Harry now (in the days before the wedding) does not desire the marriage “at least as things are now” but initially was happy with her and would show the RF as being progressive (foolish Harry) and that now he is angry with everyone. He should be. To cover sins that should have been addressed in the past by HM on PA’s part Harry has been forced into this marriage. It was all there in LS’s posts.

LA also says they will find a way to “spin” the wedding positively later on. What? She never suggests they will try to find a way out for Harry. Make the distinction between wedding and marriage. The wedding can be spun positively as it was a showpiece of diversity for the RF. So that may be the meaning. But still, LS never referred to a plan to extract Harry from the marriage.

But I think we found the culprit here – PA. Dreadful.

Thank you for your opinion,  Wink said that HM wouldn’t sacrifice Harry, but it happened, Wink was clearly upset by it.  I don’t think this has anything to do with Prince Andrew, I tried to connect the dots, and they dead-ended, an investigative reporter would have to this challenge on.  

It could be about the Pearl; I leave it at that. 

Thank you anon