family visa includes the fiancée visa. So she could have gotten a family visa. She now needs the spousal visa which for an ordinary person takes 2-3 weeks to get. They might speed it up for her so she might get it by now. Once she gets the spousal visa she can leave the country for a “honeymoon”. We’ll see where they are by June 9th – Trooping. If not here then the two of them are off somewhere.

The Queen has stated no interference, the country would be up in arms about that.  MM was supposed to do everything on her own.  Including getting baptized and confirm which is another lie. The night in question, Prince Charles went to an awards ceremony for the Prince’s trust.  Well documented in the Daily Mail. 

I’m not an expert in Visa’s and we did toss this around with healthy debate, now we will do it all over again.  UGH! 

We all know MM is dying to do trooping of the colors! 

Thank you anon 


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