Is Radar going to break the Doria dirt? That is why they are trying to get interest in her up? Possibility.

I don’t think so, not even sure the UK can see radar online, can anyone tell us that? We know some tabs you can’t.  Anything is a possibility. 

Thank you anon 


Hi JD! This is my first ask! I am the cat owner from Skippy’s tumblr! Thank you for your amazing work! I was reading some old articles about H and I’ve noticed something strange. They were saying that sometimes the DoC is like a mother figure to him. I really don’t know if that is true, but if it is the lad really really really needs to stop looking for mother figures everywhere. We all need and love our mothers, but that is just unhealthy. It makes him vulnerable. Sending much love from Brazil

Welcome! We really don’t know for sure, Harry has said  Kate is like a big sister. He has admitted to talking to a therapist, and I would suggest he keep going. You hit the nail on the head “vulnerable” it made him an easy target. 

Thank you ielsa

JD – those pap pics pf Doria could have been taken at any time. It was in the 80’s today in LA so she was not walking around dressed like that. So Radar picking pics that fit the “MM dumped her mother just like she dumps everyone” narrative. Focus on that maybe? Why we now saying Momma has been dumped?

Exactly, question everything, I was like, wait for a second something not right here.  What is the game plan?  With this family, there is always some motive.  

Thank you anon 

Meghan Markle NOT Pregnant With Twins, Despite Report

Meghan Markle NOT Pregnant With Twins, Despite Report

I don’t understand why some US gossip mags are recycling harry and meghan love story over and over again and the never endless PR about meghan’s guest at the wedding.


A lot of people only hear about her though the wedding hoopla. They are now catching up. 

That’s the way this has gone from the beginning. The wedding in Jamaica resulted in more people finding out about her, so we had a lot of catching up articles afterwards. Ditto the Polo pics. Ditto Pippa’s wedding. Ditto the “Mad About Harry” VF cover/article. Ditto the engagement. Ditto the Sandringham pics. Ditto the wedding.

This has been a master class on using the BRF to boost yourself into fame.

I agree with this statement 

Let’s do grumpy face close ups of Doria!  Gig is up guys!


This is obviously set up, bad acting runs in the family, this is building to something, I await more dog and pony show. One article would have done the trick now we have two, the gig is not up, it’s going another direction.