She is a bonafide fruit loop. She absolutely mimics everyone. She seems to be mirroring Dyer’s wife. Was she crying in the car park last year? Some people panic when someone starts wailing, and then there are others who see through the BS.

Yep, she was crying last year, she can cry on demand her claim not mine. MM doesn’t know who she is, Narc moves mirror someone else. We can see through, none of us are buying this. 😹

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Maybe her nudes are going to come out and she was playing ‘i lost my phone’ so she can claim they were stolen

LMAO, that would be a good one, I got the feeling the nudes will be professional because some gals think waiting tables is beneath them 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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Last year they played two days. So it will be interesting if she will show up tomorrow too

Yes, they did, and they don’t stay at Coworth overnight. Last year was the big parking lot scene. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.  Yes, we will get more tomorrow, the tabs smell blood in the water. 

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Are you sue those cars are for sale ? it makes no sense for her to search a new car.

After looking at the video again, it’s the VIP section, is that Harry’s car?  Her cars were on a road lot area, but the car she went through was in front of the VIP area. I know they have cars lined up for inspection my first thought was cars for sale, but now it’s someone car she is going through. I think it’s Harry’s. 

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Do we know what happened after Mark spoke to her ? did she ever watch the polo at all, did H even know she was there ?

There are no indication that she did, that would be one of the first things that tabs would have shown like with Kate you see her relaxed with kids, we see Megatron going through a car like a carjacker! 

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JD, in The Sun’s article with the video, there’s a picture of William, Harry and player from opposite team standing next to that exact car MM pretended to be hers. I think William and Harry’s stuff could be in that car and Mark kept his eye on them. That’s why she was caught red handed three times. She wanted to take something that belongs to boys and sell it or use it as an opportunity to blackmail again.

Oh for the love of all that’s good in the world, I wish these things had a time stamp. This girl will not stop her tomfoolery.

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As you said before, she’s caught three times. It’s like she’s digging for something and she’s not allowed to do that. First time she’s caught by the pink shirt guy and Mark Dyer, while pink shirt tries to talk to her, Mark goes straight. The second time she asks a girl to help her so nobody would lose their shit at her because the child is with her and backs out when two women come past her and third time, when she closes the door, she looks around as to see if nobody caught her.

What’s wrong with this girl! This is what keeps popping in my head, she looking for Harry’s cell phone. 

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