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LS – skippyisheretostay:

Late work shift for me and maybe an all-nighter.  Was able to gather a little more info.   Obviously you can see that they’re bulldozing their way through this wedding.  Do not be surprised to see some sort of dramatic interruption during the events.   If not during you will hear about it after, but it will not be true.  Just more drama to make MM the center of attention.

If you still have doubts concerning who has masterminded today’s events look no further than the guest list for the after party.   That alone has insulted some very influential persons which will come back to haunt PH and MM.  Only someone with no concept of appearances, no sensitivity to the class system would do such a thing.   If this wedding looks like a couple of unworldly teenage girls planned it using ‘cinderella weddings for dummies’ you’re not far off.



Please don’t see this as HM having lost to MM.  There IS something larger being dealt with which is more important.  The wedding is collateral damage which they can eventually spin in their favor.   MM is actually less damagingin their circle than outside of it.  It will just take some time and patience.

One of your anons guessed correctly on both of the attendees.  PP (not expected) has been confirmed as attending.  If you see PA (expected) he is there only to support  F. (and because HM would not be pleased with such a notable absence).    If you watch the service keep an eye on him.  He is not good at hiding his disdain.  There is more than one reason for his disdain.

The RF are not taking MM into the fold to stave off the republicans.  Quite the opposite.  Also, be careful when suggesting  that MM could/should be ‘dispensed’ with.  She is not important enough for either side to risk something like that.

The coming weeks are going to see personnel shuffling at KP.   Look for almost a rebuilding, out with the old-in with the new sort of thing.  (or at least an attempt).  It  will not stand.

They are counting on the public becoming apathetic about MM’s character after this excitement dies down.  That is when someone is going to drop a bombshell, just because they can.  Whether or not the monarchy  attempts to defend her will depend on when exactly it occurs.

Finally, please use discernment when reading other blogs.  I took a look at one in particular and found it to be utter self serving fantasy.   And enjoy listening to the gospel choir serenading the recessional with ‘this little light of mine’.  You deserve a jolly laugh.

LS – Skippyisheretostay:

A few words of encouragement…I recommend you watch the wedding videos and pictures without listening to or reading  the commentary spin.  It is SO easy to have your interpretation of what you think you’re seeing twisted.  Trust your gut impressions.   When you see HM scowling but the caption says ‘busting with  pride’, does that make any sense?  Yes, of course we sometimes take a momentary image out of context, but if you really focused on everything today you will see something quite opposite of what you’re being fed.  (I read a number of things stated that simply didn’t occur).  Think about the past few weeks leading to this day.  Pro MM & anti MM articles side by side.  Confusion is a powerful weapon.

The media is also expert at making the extraordinary seem ordinary.  You accept what would normally shock you simply because it’s splashed out in print like it is normal.   Was there anything normal about the guest lists?  So many missing who should have been included in a family event.  So many present who have no personal connection with the couple.  Question it all.

I’m still reading confusion about PH’s participation.  I don’t have personal answers to everything.  Wish I did.  I won’t go into a psychological assessment, but watch the wedding again and don’t accept someone else’s interpretation of expressions & behaviors.  Perhaps more on that later.

Diana’s ring—that would not have been given to her but loaned.  It is common place to wear loaner jewels for major functions.  They are too financially smart to make a gift of the ring that would definitely be taxed by uncle sam.  Why Diana’s?  Perhaps HM was not willing to loan out more than an obscure tiara, lol, so they used what is available to them. To the anon who said I was in the no wedding camp—no I wasn’t.  I didn’t want a wedding, but my source consistently said the wedding was most likely and then did confirm it would happen.  I did not enjoy sharing that and held off as long as possible.

In that vein, Skippy, please don’t censor the bad submissions on my behalf.  I don’t mind dissent at all.  It gives us more opportunity to unravel mysteries, brings up ideas we may not have otherwise had.  I do become a bit offended by accusations of saying what I’ve never said or doing things I’ve never done, but I’d never want you to censor your own blog.  Plus, the ignorant vulgarities make the rest of us look better, lol! So please, question question question!  Trust your own eyes and ears.  Realize that the monarchy has always had scandals and interlopers and enemies.  It deals how it deals and still stands.  Long live the Queen and long live the 3 blind mice!

LS – skippyisheretostay:

Ok, so here is my understanding of the situation as it is right now.   MM has been given a gracious way out.  BP has essentially taken over the operation and has placed everything on hold while they set in motion a postponement of the wedding.  This is NOT to say the wedding won’t go ahead.  MM still holds the cards for the immediate future, which according to my source does not matter.  (the wedding, that is).  There have been major crisis talks going on since Sunday.  I’m told that PH is on the side of postponement but will back up MM going through with it, not because he wants the marriage but because he is desperate to prevent fall out.    Have you noticed that there is not one mention of delaying the wedding in consideration of her father’s health?  Pay very close attention to what is not being said.  Put yourself in her shoes.  How would you be handling this?  How most people would respond tells you that the father was never invited, that his health problems are ‘convenient’, and that everyone in the press knew about the faked pics but were holding off.   The RF are not the only group they answer to.  There is a distinct pattern to the yoyo spin in the press.   They are getting angrier because they are being made the  scapegoat which could cause an out of control situation to completely implode.  They ARE holding back information they have.  I have to add this though…there is NO way the father would be able to make a trip overseas if his cardiac health is as he says it is.  All that is BS and just stupid to say. I’m told that MM’s role in the back story was to prove to someone in the RF that ‘they’ could plant someone in their innermost circle.  It was a warning shot to a member of the RF that their cooperation in something is required.  This is where my sleuthing has taken me to places I don’t want to be (or quite believe) but without confirmation it would be libelous for me to name names.  I WILL say that some of you have picked up on what I’ve found, and I repeat most strongly that everyone is connected.   One anon asked why they didn’t set PH up with someone more to his usual taste.  The answer is that it would have served no purpose.  A tall, aristocratic blond wouldn’t be able to hold the race or class card.   I’m very sorry for the choppy, disorganized writing.  I had a lot thrown at me today and am trying to get down exactly what I remember being said.  There is more that I’m not certain the importance of but will try to put  together later.  At the moment I’m behind the clock being somewhere.   To summarize….RF willing to give MM a respectable out, pushing for a postponement ( leading to a cancelation in the future).  MM digging in her heels, putting out heartbroken daughter press.  PH trying to compromise but unwilling to risk the horrible publicity she would unleash on the monarchy.   Final word from my source is that he believes the odds are in favor of the wedding happening at this point, BUT there is the possibility of HM providing a ‘parting gift’ (something rarely done) to put a stop to everything now and in the future.  Personally I think that if the wedding happens we will be looking at a very damaging (for MM) clap back from the monarchy.  To quote the gent, “I would not care to be the person who thinks they outplayed the Queen”.

LS – Skippyisheretostay:

Hello, and sorry for the delay.  I’ve been trying to rephrase things in a less confusing way which has been difficult.   I will start by saying straight away that I still have not been told that the wedding will or will not happen.  This source is quite adamant about not focusing on that.  I guess what is confusing is that this mess seems to have split into two separate things.  Please consider that the following is offered as speculation. I ended my original, unposted info by saying that everyone is connected.  This time I will startby pointing that out.  Movers, shakers, politicians, royalty on both sides of the ocean…all connected, and connected by the same two things.   I gave some names in my last post.  I have several more but haven’t had time yet to put them all together, but anyone could find their connection.  (If you’ll recall I mentioned M.Nonoo not backing away from MM in time to save her marriage, and two days later an article came out saying much the same thing. Just confirmation that I was given valid info).  I cannot figure who/what is the central player in all this. (but I have an inkling).  MM’s association with the RF however was not a fairy tale blind date.  She served her purpose to her backers over a year ago and since then all that has happened with PH has been her own game.  The backers don’t care, she is no threat to them because she does not know everything.  They aren’t helping her but the distraction of this ‘wedding’ helps them because that’s what everyone is focusing on.  To me the theory of an agreement with an end date makes perfect sense, since a wedding was never the end plan in the first place.  It’s just something she is going after now since the initial reason for her being there is done.   I was advised to really consider the preparations, the plans for inside the ceremony, all the desperate grabbing at so many things MM is exhibiting lately.  I was advised to watch for announcements concerning the schedules of various members of the RF.  I was asked if I was reading all the stories coming out this week and told to keep an eye out for two specific stories.  1) an announcement that  Sarah Kensington has been consulted about the refurbishing of Apt.1.   2)  The  reversal of the outcome of an old trial that will change legal precedent in the U.S.  (that first one is I think either a joke or a clue, not a reality.  The second one I initially left out for lack of clarity, but today I  I’m seeing more connections).    I asked about and was told to not be concerned about damage to the monarchy.  A response has already been prepared.   On a personal note, another remark I first included, then wasn’t going to, but changed my mind…again, lol.  I asked this source why he’s telling ME these things and was told that since all of his peers already know, he wondered how someone like me would process it.  He then apologized for being a snob and went into some philosophical mambo jumbo that in the future I may share, if it serves a purpose.

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