Thanks JD for your response as I ‘m trying to catch up on background info. It takes a special kind of naiveté or some sort of powerful incentive to make a guy–who just happens to be a prince– marry a ho. My next question: why didn’t they pick someone who was more attractive and younger? (That wig! Those legs! Those feet! Those fluffy ring around her tummy!) Or did she volunteer for the job?

Your welcome, Markle chose and targeted Harry, she apparently is the lesser of two evils. The benefactor that made all this happen is the guy they want to get.  The Prince seems to have wanted this which we were shocked.  They are going to have blackout everything coming in from other countries. 

Enty, the entertainment lawyer has the yachting and the men who paid her $500 an hour. Our best guess she is very willing to do anything.  There is the trip to Chicago for the weekend of partying hard with party favors.  MM has a high tolerance for smokables, and that’s coming from different sources who don’t know one another. 

Remember this is a scam on the Royal family, MM is NARC, read the romance scam in archives. 

Thank you anon 

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