There is a reason for everything I’m told and the Palace will find their way out of this rubbish.  Let her hang herself with these freebies and hopefully, someone has enough balls to start questioning these violations of protocols. I want to let you all know that there still a WHO that the palace is dealing with.  Have faith in HM the Queen.  We love the Queen!


One thought on “Anonymous said: It is pretty obvious she is getting freebies from Givenchy and Stella Mc is now opening a new store and needs the pr too so maybe a freebie there. Seems those little bracelets she gave to Kate and JM for the wedding were freebies also but KP tells you they do not accept freebies. Bullshit. The corruption here and hypocrisy is amazing. MM sure has revealed a lot about the Palace operations with regard to Harry – lots of lies. Those earrings are Birks.”

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