Attn Royal Advisors by SBANON


* Why the refusal to modernize? It’ll actually do you some good.

* Why are you fighting a fire by throwing more fuel to the fire? It’s counterproductive.

* As many years as some of you have been in service to the crown, how in the hell did y’all not have her scheme figured out from the get go?! You guys, of all people besides the royals, should know the signs.

* Again, why can’t ya’ll modernize?! There is a wee little something called social media. Say it with me. SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and God knows what else. It is a nosy, gossip loving person’s dream come true. It’s not limited to the papers anymore. Thanks to something called the internet, many a “private” matter can now be spread faster than a wild fire. May as well be throwing kerosene on an open flame thinking this ish will go away on its own.

* Why the refusal to bring on some young blood that actually understands the upcoming generation? Afraid of getting schooled by the new school?

* Why are the British people not being allowed to see Radar and other websites? Hasn’t anyi ever told you that trying to censor the people the royal family serves is dictatorship?

* Why are you so afraid of the truth? Harry is a grown man and should be wiping his own bum.

* Why are you afraid of MM? She have you all privately investigated or something?

* She will play the race card. You all should have known this from the get go. Believe it to or not, there are those who will not respect MM for playing said card. If anything, she heavily looked down upon for it.

* You will NOT be able to eliminate all traces of her past no matter how hard you and you efforts are making the BRF look incredibly foolish and you of old fashioned some of a guns as incredibly stupid.

* You are not doing a good job handling this. It is fact. Gaslight all you want, but this is fact.

* If you are old enough to retire, please do so. Nothing personal, but please do so. You are out for touch with the modern day age.

* NOT LISTENING TO YOUR PEOPLE IS A MISTAKE!!! They hold more power than you think and know than you wish for them to know. Again, you are out of touch.

* Going to try to censore what everyone sees including Americans? Good luck with that idiots. Just keep on racking up that bad karma.

* Those “sexy” pics and videos of MM are her own doing. It’s plain as day. A self respecting woman wouldn’t do such a thing. Common sense really, but that isn’t a flower that grows in everyone’s garden these days.

* I would strongly advise you idiots that Harry suing is a VERY bad idea. If you want it all laid out there, then let him and embarrass the family further. Again, you guys suck at advising on this one.

* What is it going to take for y’all to realize tthat MM is NOT going to go away on her own? Thanks to social media, she put played you. That’s what happens when you cross paths with someone that is thirtsy and nothing but THIRSTY.

* Get a lid on Mio. He is MM’s mouthpiece and, technically, not an official spokesperson for any of the royals. Just a freelance reporter and the only reason people go to him for anything is because of MM constantly leaking things to him.

* Dollars to donuts, Mio is the “expert” the smut rags don’t really sell constantly mention. Depends on what MM wants him to say. Again, he is not an official spokesperson. If he is made one after this, it’s your own fault for allowing it.

* Afraid of the race card? Darling, I’ve seen worse about those woman you now have to call a duchess. You aren’t exactly showing you are “with the times”. I know biracial women that are significantly more respectable than MM and they don’t play the race card.

* The people have, technically, spoken. I would strongly advise not disrespecting or lie to them any further. They are angry enough. The Republican support is growing and on your watch no less. No monarchy means no job for you

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