They are using Smeggy’s racy pics to get the amount of damages reduced, not the decision to compensate overthrown. Their logic is that the BRF are basically on celeb level now so they should receive less money in punitive damages. What Meghan did was cheapen the way the courts/public see the BRF, if they are celebs then they get celeb treatment. Of course, public paparazzo pics vs public paid pics are not on the same level but they are being smart about devaluating the BRF brand.
I agree with anon, this is tragicĀ when the BRF are reduced to celebs, if they are deemed celebs will the paps go back to the 90’s?Ā  This is compelling stuff and we need to watch the decisions of the courts.Ā  If they decide they are celebs the royal family needs to watch themselves on these expensive holidays outside the UK.Ā  Will this affect the UK as well, will they lose the status since bringing a thirsty celeb into the fold?Ā  Thank you for your postĀ 


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