she wore a corset under the dress you can see the ribbing. It is actually a two piece suit. My guess is she wore the corset (lol not a corsage) to give herself a waist. But the buttons of the top piece are straining. Because of her odd shape there must be a size disparity in top and bottom. This Herrera outfit is custom made so why does she still strain to have a proper fit? It looks better than prior outfits though and certainly fits better than her wedding dress.

I’d say at least 5K for the suit and then she has a Herrera purse. Another 2k at least.

I’d note too her erect nipples are a side effect of implants and it won’t go away they are permanently like that. She should wear a “daisy” to cover the nipples but she is a slob and so she won’t.

Notice Duke of Kent rode with them. He usually rides with Sophie and Edward or the Yorks. My guess is he was put with them to make sure they behaved.

Thank you anon, sorry I’m late answering technical difficulties

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