Harry’s gym pic

I have been wondering about the pic of Harry leaving the gym last week. Trying to give him the benefit of doubt but still trying to figure out a reason why he would arrange for the pic to be taken if he did. I think it was all about the Trooping of the Colors. PH & MM were not seen after the Garden Party. Storyline was that they were on honeymoon which the BRF could sell as the reason they were not seen on the balcony. By Harry having his picture taken leaving the gym , it proved he was in town and left the BRF no choice but to have PH and his new wife on the balcony. Perhaps there is a bit of truth to the rebellious Harry or the Harry throwing tantrums for the women he thinks he loves ?

Hey Lattedah,  I could tell it was on purpose he is not the friendly guy on the street when papped, he is smiling.  OMG, Harry WTF are you doing, this is a dangerous game.  The press will go after him! 


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