Meghan Markle Foodie?? Communicator?? Nah, Royal pain in the arse

The Sun article – MeAgain as foodie. Foodie fashion icon lifestyle blogger. Communicator. It is all about the sell. Even the coat of arms was about the sell. Let’s hope she makes a big sale and goes away. The Givenchy deal looks good maybe that will do it. LOL – she realizes her dream and becomes Kim Kardashian. All she needs now is the sex tape like Kim. Keep pushing Markle. Fame and fortune. LOL
Sell sell,merch, an empire in her dreams so close Markle can taste it and she can bolt the mean old Monarchy and become the new Diane Von Furstenberg, she ain’t no Diana.  I can see her trying to compete with Kim K.  only thing is she doesn’t have Chris Jenner!  Those kids work hard, something Markle lacks is work ethic. 
Where is that bloody sex tape, Markle? 
Thank you anon 


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