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Yes of course when you merch the idea is to look good. The bigger idea is to generate public interest. If the public isn’t looking at your pics, you have no value to the company. As a GF you can’t get a company to make a long-term commitment – if he dumps you public interest ends. That is why she had to be a wife – now she can get long-term commitments cause they assume she is sticking around. Even as a divorcee she still has some ability to generate public interest. And long-term commitment is what she is looking for.
Now KP would have you think these are “gifts” not paid product placement. BS. Markle merched for money during the fake affair, she merched for money during the engagement, and she is still merching for money. Nothing has changed. Merching for money is why she is attached to Harry. He is her ticket to the $$$ she could never get otherwise.
The $$ can be funneled to her through JM. JM takes the money then feeds it back to MM in any number of ways. MM might even be an employee of JM or MM is taking the money through Frim Fram. Frim Fram or some such company signs the contracts and pays her as an employee.
She is not getting rid of JM cause JM gets her these contracts. JM is her partner in crime LOL.
This is why she made such a fuss of not becoming a British citizen and retaining her US citizenship as well as such a fuss over paying US taxes. It is also why she kept touting the “change the monarchy” and “she won’t be a typical royal.” She had to signal her ability and willingness to break the normal royal taboos to the potential sponsors.
Have no doubt Markle is all about the merching. Her relationship with Harry has always been about the merching. Fame and fortune that is her mantra. She needs the fame to keep public interest high so she can get the contract6s to make her fortune.
The wedding was not a royal wedding it was a showcase for Markle’s two new sponsors – Givenchy and Stella McCartney. Givenchy was going broke, and they needed money, so they started catering to the celeb crowd. If you look at their Instagram, it is loaded with celeb wearing their clothes pics. But it cheapened the brand especially after they started designing for Kim K., So that is the brand MM gets – a fashion house much criticized for cheapening their brand with celeb endorsements.
Stella is opening a new store and also has a money problem – most of the fashion houses do right now. So she too needs some exposure to hype her brand.
Now they’ll claim MM is selling out their clothes. But in reality, they will do a small run of that dress and then claim it sold out – yeah if you only make 30 dresses they will sell out.
Pay attention to this – most of her pr is about this, and this is the reason she invaded the RF. As Lily says, there is no love story here. It is all about $$$$$.


I’m digging your story and I agree with it, Is it moral? Nope, but that’s Markle for you! Don’t fall for the doe eye, she a freaking shark!  Here is Frim Fram again, founded by Markle who may allegedly run money through.  It’s all about making bank, but her numbers are flat anon.  Even the short boost will give the brand a boost. That broad don’t care what she looks like; we can give her lessons all day, we are wasting our time.  Maybe Amanda Patel from the Daily Mail will pick the story up and run with it. 

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