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 MM make up artist was Daniel Martin

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As Kensington Palace announced on Saturday, the look was created by renowned makeup artist Daniel Martin, a surprise to those who believed the rumors Meghan would be doing her own bridal makeup, like Kate Middleton, but not to those familiar with Martin’s work. Repped by The Wall Group, he got his start with the legendary Pat McGrath, and went on to land contracts as a Dior brand ambassador and Honest Beauty’s creative color consultant. He’s worked with celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Elisabeth Moss—and, of course, Meghan, whom he met during her Suits days.

She may have signed a contract with them

Looking glowy and serene (maybe it was the weird mouth massages) as millions watched, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry on Saturday at Winsdor Castle in a simple Givenchy gown and messy bun(her favorite hairstyle), and lots of lashes. While rumors swirled that she might do her own makeup, Markle opted for a professional and trusted her friend Daniel Martin for the big day.

As Prince Harry and the world gazed on, Markle wore natural tones that prettily defined her features and didn’t hide her freckles. Her makeup didn’t look spackled on, but she did a rich brown eye, a “my lips but better” lip color, and lots of lashes. As with pretty much everything relating to the royal family, the details of what specific products she used are a secret. But, since we know Martin is a Dior brand ambassador, he probably used a good mix of the brand’s products.

UPDATE (June 7, 2018): Red carpet events must be nerve-wracking enough, being photographed from all angles no matter what unflattering lighting you may stumble into. Now make that a wedding — a royal wedding no less — and those stakes just escalated sharply. Dior Beauty’s Backstage Face and Body Foundation has yet to be released (June 15 is the date, so it’s coming up soon) but it’s probably run the gamut of foundation-testing rigors that no other foundations have before.

Case in point, according to Dior Beauty’s Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup Peter Philips, this is the foundation that Daniel Martin used on Meghan Markle for the royal wedding. Pretty risky to use a prototype beauty product for what is quite possibly the most-photographed wedding in the world, but Martin has worked with Dior Beauty before so it’s entirely likely he wouldn’t have used it on the now-Duchess had he doubted its performance.

At a Dior Beauty event this morning showcasing the Dior Backstage Collection, Philips remarked that the Backstage Face and Body Foundation had also been tested in very hot weather (“40 degrees Celsius”) and in the pouring rain (“and the foundation still resisted”) during Dior’s 2019 Cruise Show, earning the moniker “runway proof,” according to him. However, if photos from the royal wedding are any evidence, the foundation’s ability to withstand punishing weather was an impressive perk on top of its elegant finish that showcased Markle’s trademark freckles beautifully.

The foundation’s waterproof liquid formula has a luminous finish that can be sheered out for lighter coverage or layered for fuller coverage — but either way, the skin looks radiantly dewy and natural. Offering 40 shades across six different undertone variations (warm, neutral, cool, cool rosy, peach, and warm peach), Backstage Face and Body Foundation makes shade-matching easy for even the most foundation-phobic.

This post first appeared on May 29, 2018:

Nothing about the Dior’s Cruise 2019 show was subtle: The venue (a chateau in Chantilly, France complete with grandiose castle and what are quite possibly the largest horse stables in Europe); the opening act (Escaramuzas, who are female rodeo riders from Mexico that inspired designer Maria Grazia Chiuri); the weather (sweltering hot during the day and a deluge right as the show was about to start, resulting in the models stomping down the runway through the rain); and last but not least, the massive makeup collection that they dropped backstage.

Sure, the makeup on the models’ faces was restrained — “It’s a very natural look: beautiful skin, strong eyebrows for a bit of intensity, a bit of glow,” makeup artist and Dior Makeup creative director, Peter Philips said backstage. But the Dior Makeup Backstage Collection that Philips used to create the look is probably the most extensive assortment of products the brand has launched at one time in nearly 10 years. There’s a new foundation that comes in 40 shades, palettes for the eyes, face, lips, and brows, and a promise of new brushes sometime in August. And luckily, I was backstage to get all the details.

While the line is inspired by Philips’ experience backstage, it is 100 percent meant for the everyday person. Don’t think of this as a professional line (although, I’m sure pros will love it). “They’re meant to be easy-to-wear products that are no-brainers to use,” Philips said, going on to say that he developed the products with the hope that they would be so intuitive, it would be like a makeup artist was standing behind you as you did your makeup in the morning. “I want to offer products for which you don’t need a masterclass to use — this is more of a basic beautifying range.”

The desire for ease extends to the packaging, too. “All of the packaging is clear so you can see exactly what you’re grabbing,” explained Philips, something that is both helpful to a makeup artist running around on set and you rummaging through the never-ending black hole that is your purse. ckick onl link if you really want to read more 

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