I read somewhere (? DM) that Guy, M’s dog is over here and was there when she had her wedding make up done, was he the one who broke 2 legs ?

Yes, that’s one of the stories, sugars also claimed he died, I think it’s a fake story until we see the beagle. Markle produce the Beagle! Kate always has Lupo around. 

I also found a Canadian article that says that both dogs are in Canada. It is posted on the blog.

thank you anon 


Doria doing the same like mm’s dad. Remind mm to call. So it’s 4.july mom buys cake for her alone. It’s the same setup like dad is doing

Yep, MM screws up, out come the family like clockwork. It’s sickening, a reminder to MM  we are not going away. We want our money, dad talks, mom calls Oprah. They will not be frozen out. Whichever side you are on, both sides can agree her family is repulsive. 

Thank you anon 

How do people not know these pictures of Doria are a set-up, just like what Dad did. Do people really think they have assigned paps just sitting outside her house to take a picture of her. She’s not that important, none of the markle clan are.

We don’t unless a PR person wants to give the low down on Flight photo agency?? Anyone got a clue about them? They are London, LA  looking for new paps to join the agency. This could be set up, they don’t come out unless you call. Anything to do with parking lots is a setup. 

Thank you, Carol, Happy fourth of July 

In a piece about recent fashion in the Times today there was a pic of M in the Stella dress. I was suprised at how unnatractive she looks,her nose is weird and the brown makeup really ages her.

I really like the Stella dress, if it had sleeves that could have been the number dress for the wedding. There was no need to over tan or use a self-tanner, yes, it makes her look older. Markle’s nose has had work done and then refining. She looks like Michael Jackson. Peter Pan nose. 🙄

Thank you anon 

Sorry, I’m new to your account. Who or what is FD?

Future Duchess, some tarot readers labeled Prince Harry’s wife FD, and they claimed Markle isn’t it, I agree but not by cards, she is the wrong fit for the job. I don’t think she understood what a working royal meant. It’s not Hollywood, it’s listening to the people, spreading goodwill, being dignified. Markle is a PR fabrication.

Thank you anon