Modestly,aren’t we a bit tired of riddles jersey?we need some real info coming to us,many of these riddles might come with purpose of gaslighting

Yes, we are tired of that crap, and real info would be welcome as long as they don’t attack me. That could be considered gaslighting. 

Thank you anon 


Regarding the riddle: the last son of a King of England who took a fall was King Edward VIII, son of King George V, when he abdicated his throne, thus making his brother George VI the King. There has been no King of England since George VI. PC is a Crown Prince. PC is not a King and we do not know if he ever will be, thus the riddle cannot refer to him. Same with PW and PG. Therefore, King Edward VIII is the “one King’s son” who took the fall.

That’s good, so anon is messing with us? Thanks you anon 

What’s up with her hands? Her vessels are very very huge



I have a thing about her hands, she dehydrated, thin skin,  needs to gain weight, something? Her hands are very abused for a 36-year old that never did labor in her life. 

Thank you anon 

That’s the picture of KP Instagram. Not photoshoped


Holy shit! Well you know what I’m thinking now

Daddy set up the “Promise me you’ll never hit her” narrative a couple of weeks ago. He also stepped in right on time to deflect from the video of her pawing through the car like a crazed raccoon. There appears to be pattern of her family making fools of themselves in order to draw attention away from Meghan’s stupidity and turn her into a victim. Maybe the new game is he plants suggestions to the press and she subtly carries it out . Even D listers know something about using makeup.

Yes, spot on! The family comes in for the sympathy vote, all to make you forget the faux pas.  

Thank you anon 

New one from the English Riddler


An Evil Great, or Lesser be
Depending on your Loyalty

Your eyes and heart do not deceive
The Lesser false, and thick as thieves

You must decide how far you travel
The Truth will not by halves unravel

One Fool near unseated all
One King’s son did take the fall.

Really! come on out with it 

Hi again,and the reason her face looks skinnier is because she has botox injected in her jawline. When it wears off, she has broader jaw line. You can check her previous photos. She def has botox in her eye area, forehead, neck, definitely had lip injections.

Geesus! Get a friggin facelift or something it’s leaving needle marks on her face. I swear to you, it can be seen. No wonder she seems to change overnight to the boxy square jaw. Please, stay out of the sun, drink lots of water, limit the wine drinking, alcohol dries the face. Don’t get lip injections, ever. 

Thank you anon 

Just watched the video with that lady talking. Is it just me or does everyone seem very uncomfortable. Look at the two men standing next to Meghan they don’t seem best pleased.

I don’t know, Amy is in the background so they must be from the event, it appears that a man from the grassy area tries to approach and is given the sign to stand back. That is unlike Harry’s engagements he likes to meet people, why? Maybe we shall get more pictures? 

Thank you anon 🤨🤔