Why are her flashlights always on high beam? She needs to put gaffer tape on them. 🍌🍌

MM needs to wear a bra a proper foundation, it can make a dress. 

Thank you anon 💐


Im aftraid I don’t feel bad for M at all, this is all her fault.If she spent half as much time researching her role in the RF as she spent stalking H she would have been ok.

I agree, there was a time when she could have stopped this, and she didn’t, it wasn’t for love it was straight up fame. 

Thank you anon 

Honestly, I have darker skin and tan really well but in my 30’s I’ve spent less time in the sun or with protection. I don’t drink or smoke and now I’m actually taking care of my skin, (I.e. routine) no botox, no fillers, etc. Plus people don’t believe me when I tell them how old I actually am but if you want great skin, you got to take care of it but depending on your lifestyle, it’s gonna show first on your face and hands.

Thank you anon , I agree, genetics has a lot to do with it 

I know MM is not that good of a person but I feel bad for her. I don’t live in the best situation right now and I definitely didn’t grow up with a sliver spoon in my mouth. There are times when yes I want to marry someone rich but it’s not in my nature. Even if I see what she’s done is wrong but I do understand it. Sometimes you just want people to live you. Some people can pull it off and with MM she’s having a hard time

Mm is having a hard time, I actually feel bad for her sometimes. No matter what she going to have scrutiny being in this position, she is the new person and MM is going to get kicked a lot.  Not waiting was the worse thing that could have happened to her. The royals know from past experiences that it takes time to enter into the royal family. You ease into the public not go headstrong with a PR campaign and comment on your own articles. People remember.  Too late to apologize? 

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Hi JD. Any idea why the Queen is sending, on tax payer dime, PH and MM to the Republic of Ireland? Even PW has never been. At first the blogs were saying it was to get them out of England during President Trump’s visit, but he arrives the day after they return. I cannot fathom why the tax payers need to pay for PH and MM to go to the Republic of Ireland. Why is the Queen giving them so many events? Seems a waste of tax payer money at a time when the English people are really hurting.

It was written on behalf of the government, the reason I don’t know, I agree with you that theory is falling apart. Why there? It was at 84% don’t want them there. We have to wait and see, most governments pick up the tab when they request a royal but this the British government request. Sorry, I couldn’t help. 

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Hi JD! How are you? Oh my God, she ruined Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta and Dior make-up. She’s the brand’s killer. And I have no idea why her skin looks so bad, perhaps she’s allergic to fillers and botox.

Hey, okay, yes, I think your right, brand killer, I hope not for the monarchy. 🙀🍌

Thank you 💐💐

Her skin looks pretty bad for her age– leathery and coarse. You think she’d get collagen anti-aging facials once a month or so to try preserve the fantasy that she is a 20 something. But I’m wondering if the brownish yellow patch near the eye is supposed to be the mate of the “fingers” on the other side? And is her nose growing?

Maybe like Pinocchio, it’s from dehydration, stress, she had to lay off the botox. Water is the biggest miracle, but I think she needs IV at this point. For her age, Doria looks better.  I agree with you, moisture therapy of some kind. 

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