What the heck is that?

No way it’s a bruise – there would be swelling to accompany an bruise of that size.  I think she’s playing games and being creative with her eye shadow palate.

What I DO see though are horrific wrinkles and some pretty darned impressive blackheads and erupting zits on her nose.  What an unholy mess she is!  

The games a narc will play!

Fret not, my dear Tumblrettes… cosmetology Scorpio to the rescue 🙂  (not hers, of course)

I see this every day in my beauty clinic. What you see there is hyperpigmentation/discoloration (melasma/chloasma). This is what it usually looks like without make up (and in very severe cases):


These hyperpigmentations can be caused by UV radiation (too many sunbaths), birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy for menopausal and post-menopausal women (hormones), by pregnancy (stimulation of melanin due to hormones), and in some cases the trigger can also be medication against epilepsy.

There are three different types: the epidermal melasma, which is in the upper layers of the skin, will appear brown in color and clearly demarcated from the rest of the skin (skin tone). The second one is the dermal melasma, which is situated in the deeper layers of the dermis and will appear greyish-blue. The third one is a mix of the first two types and has a greyish-brown color.

Depending on which type of melasma it is, treatment can be very difficult. Options are laser treatments (Fraxel, Erbium-YAG-laser) and IPL (impulse light), chemical peels with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Koji acid, Retin A, Vitamin C derivates, Hydrochinon ranging from 2 to 4% or Arbutin (all of this is only available to and only to be done by a doctor and a qualified, trained esthetician/skin therapist). 

The picture below is me, before and after treating my own hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles from sun damage.  


I´ve decided to upload this for you Tumblrettes so that you will see that it IS indeed still possible to reverse time to a degree with the right treatments and the right lifestyle. 

As I have told numerous times before, I lived in Mexico for quite some time, I was a dancer and fitness/bikini competitor and did many photo shoots in tropical places. Although I most certainly knew better (due to my main profession), I have to shamefully admit that while I was in my twenties – and tanned skin was often demanded for my bikini shoots, dance gigs etc. – I was quite reckless and didn´t properly protect my skin. Hey, it happens to the best of us! We think we are invincible when we are young and juicy and gorgeous, and when a good night´s sleep is sufficient to fix everything until the next morning. Plus, it was the 90´s… we were told that sun exposure is oh so good for you, the highest SPF was like factor 6 in a coconut oil, and off you were to fry yourself on the beach!

My skin forgave a lot of shitty treatment. But after I got married and fell pregnant, the hormonal changes messed up my skin big time within the first three months. You can see it in the pic… my formerly flawless porcelain skin began looking horrendous. Comedones, extreme dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, chloasma/melasma all over (what you don´t see in the pics are the huge brown melasma I had on my nose and all over my forehead) – and I´m wearing a lot of cover make up in that pic at age 33, yet still you can see it shimmer through. 

As I was pregnant when my skin problems started, then had a c-section, then had to undergo three tumor surgeries in the next two years, had to take medication and then ultimately suffered a burnout, it took several years until there were no more contraindications to certain aesthetic treatments and I could finally take the time for myself and give my skin much needed “therapy”. 

In the pic at age 39 I am fresh out of my final chemical peel session (I think I had like 10 or so) and I´m only wearing moisturizer on my skin. Although the hyperpigmentation didn´t disappear entirely (and of course my skin will never look 23 again) the improvement overall is impressive. As I´m always my own guinea pig, I was willing to try a multitude of different therapy approaches and they worked for me. I would definitely NOT recommend everything that I did to myself to any of my clients/patients in good conscience 🙂

As I have NEVER smoked, never consumed alcohol, have always worked out, used the sauna and steam room three times a week, have gone to get full body massages and facials at my colleagues´ facilities, have always eaten a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and have been taking heaps of supplements (a daily routine for fitness people), I firmly believe that it all greatly aided in getting my skin back into really good shape. So far I have never gone for any Botox, Juvederm hyaluronic injections and other things, but I won´t rule them out. Hey, I´m a cosmetology sucker 🙂

Rachel has a myriad of skin problems from what I have seen over the course of a year in her pics. I don´t know if she just doesn´t care enough or if she has no access to really good skin doctors and therapists, but homegirl is not looking fresh anymore by any means. And it`ll only get worse from now on. Tick tock, time runs out on all of us ladies….

Amazing, thank you for this incredible info!  And you are such a cutie!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Your skin looks amazing ! Are there any otc skincare brands you swear by that would make a difference ?


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