Hello, I had a question for anyone who truly know PH personally. Is he sweet and caring or is he really a spoil man child with great PR. I want to believe he really is a gentle soul that cares.

Hello, anon, of course, he a wonderful guy. Thank you LOL 


Hey JD. Can you further explain the Blind item with MM. Is something supposed to leak soon? I am a little lost. Thanks!

Using a person familiar to both people, a dossier of proof of the exploits of this former actress ALL of you know was delivered. Apparently, there is a ransom attached that is upwards of eight figures. I have no doubts they will follow through on their threat to put it all on a pay per view website if their demands are not met. It is incredibly damning. It also is probably why things have been kind of frosty the past few days with the married couple.

A person that knows them both has a file of dirt on MM, that file has been sitting around as we have reported in the past. 

Ransom, blackmail they mean, for 8 figures, (only if Harry is in them). They will publish them unless they get the money. 

Marry her was supposed to stop this but tada it didn’t. It sounds like he is pissed. 

Thank you anon 

Thought she was vegan?! Or an advocate for animal rights. She got leather fooking gloves, god I hate her, when will it stop, when will Harry find the woman he’s meant to be with. 😓

MM eats meat! She only says she goes vegan part-time, I think the vegan might say something about that. If it poops, you don’t eat it. Markle an idiot.  I know anon, I know, SMH

Thank you anon