Hello, I had a question for anyone who truly know PH personally. Is he sweet and caring or is he really a spoil man child with great PR. I want to believe he really is a gentle soul that cares.

Hello, anon, of course, he a wonderful guy. Thank you LOL 


London PR Anon


Hello again Skippy! I felt like I would answer some questions tonight, instead of compiling them in to a word document and just adding to my extra stress. But thank you everyone for being so welcoming and lovely 🙂

Firstly – the Diana as rebel image is only being used to contrast to her current image of Diana 2.0. 

I will go in to a story:
When her PR team in the States approached us, we came up with a strategy plan for what we thought would be “best” to help ingratiate Meghan with the British. We felt scrapping Diana would be best, and having her admit to her past mistakes – not all of them, but the majority – and acknowledge her life before Harry would be smarter than what has currently happened which is effectively bleaching her past. We felt that if she admitted that she was a bit of a minx back in the day, it would perhaps endear her to people because she was willing to be so honest and potentially sacrifice love. A sort of Princess Margaret-Peter Townsend situation. We saw the sympathy Margaret gained posthumously thanks to The Crown, and so thought something similar may have been more effective.

Her PR team, however, refused this. They had already drafted the “I didn’t know who the British Royal Family were” saga, and therefore any admittance by her that she knew exactly who they were would have destroyed this. Any acknowledgement to either the British – specifically Harry – that this was a well oiled plan of hers would have been wrong and ruined the engagement. 

Clearly, the PR team she went for pushed for the Diana 2.0 image. Counter PR was released to the tabloids – such as her photos at Buckingham Palace. 

I am saying that Diana will be projected as an unstable rebel by her PR team primarily so that she can be perceived as the saviour of Diana’s rebellious son. By doing so, Meghan appears to be “towing the line” and not “out to get the monarchy” but also “saving” Prince Harry from his “demons”. The hope is to appeal to the Diana fans, but she cannot do that now. They’re the Daily Mail readers truthfully, and they probably know far more to the truth than what will ever be printed.

Secondly – a child will never be in such close proximity that anyone will ever hear anything. Take a baby for example. Meghan will be photographed clutching on to the little hand of a baby, cooing over them, giggling with them. A baby may not respond in the way that say a five year old might.

We felt Meghan would be best suited approaching slightly older children – say the ten year olds – as she could at the very least offer some sort of childish Cinderella narrative. Hence why the appearance with Harry saying about the girl “She wants to be an actress too!!!”. 

And again, the hugging. Boy did the team want that. In American PR, hugging it seems is the same as bringing someone back from the dead. You hug a fan, you’re practically a saint. That’s not how we do it in the UK, and we emphatically told them that. Her PR is still pushing the American Princess picture, which is how focussing on the teenage market is so crucial.

3 – The Teenage Market is easy to manipulate and also, very VERY easy to sell to.

Meghan looks older, but projected herself as a saviour. She hugs! She acts! She looks nervous! She’s human – JUST LIKE YOU. She didn’t go to Private School in the English Countryside! She’s never played Polo! She doesn’t even know how to wear a fancy hat!! SHE REALLY IS LIKE YOU. OH – AND SHE HOLDS HANDS WITH HER BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND JUST LIKE YOU DO/WILL DO TOO!!!

That’s the narrative they are going for. If you go in to a WHSmiths or a Sainsburys and look in the Teen Magazines, you’ll find articles of “Meghan is our modern kickass Cinderella”. Why sell those? Because when this goes south – and it will – the Teen’s will have fallen in to her category of ‘fans’. They will remember her wedding, her dress, her smile, the fact that she “broke the boundaries” so to speak. In their eyes, she is very progressive, and that’s important in this MeToo world. Yes she is much older, but the initial PR was to make her accessible to a more easily manipulated audience. 

7-10 year olds aren’t interested in this real world Royalty – yet. They’re more interested in Disney or narratives where they’re the Princess of their lives.

The older millennials don’t fall for the nonsense anymore. They’re a far more educated and questioning group – they don’t like the monarchy, because they represent everything that is elitist and classist. Meghan appears hypocritical to them. She sacrificed everything for a stale organisation which will make her Kate 2.0. 

And so that is exactly what will be sold to her teenage/young adult fans. 

I felt earlier I should add that – when we had the initial meetings with her American PR firm – they were very specific that Meghan was to remain an AMERICAN Princess. I think we all know why.

Anyway, again, let me know if you have any queries or questions. I hope this is of help to some of your questions.

Thank you so much!  Very helpful!  We really appreciate it!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

What a failed plan, it’s going to backfire badly 

fa·mil·iar fəˈmilyər/Submit adjective 1. well known from long or close association. “their faces will be familiar to many of you” 2. in close friendship; intimate. “she had not realized they were on such familiar terms” synonyms: informal, casual, relaxed, easy, comfortable; More noun 1. a demon supposedly attending and obeying a witch, often said to assume the form of an animal. 2. (in the Roman Catholic Church) a person rendering certain services in a pope’s or bishop’s household.

No, no fucking no, she not a vegan, she a flexatarian, she eats plant base part time Anon, there a difference between a vegan and a plant base person. A person who eats plant base will wear leather, and fur, and have cosmetics tested on animals, where as I vegan, will not do these things, there are against animal exploration, no fur, no leather and cosmetics is cruelty free, Megan is a fucking joke.

Thank you very much! I knew you would come through. 💖💖💐💐

Hey JD. Can you further explain the Blind item with MM. Is something supposed to leak soon? I am a little lost. Thanks!

Using a person familiar to both people, a dossier of proof of the exploits of this former actress ALL of you know was delivered. Apparently, there is a ransom attached that is upwards of eight figures. I have no doubts they will follow through on their threat to put it all on a pay per view website if their demands are not met. It is incredibly damning. It also is probably why things have been kind of frosty the past few days with the married couple.

A person that knows them both has a file of dirt on MM, that file has been sitting around as we have reported in the past. 

Ransom, blackmail they mean, for 8 figures, (only if Harry is in them). They will publish them unless they get the money. 

Marry her was supposed to stop this but tada it didn’t. It sounds like he is pissed. 

Thank you anon 

“The daily mail has a link to a similar one” Does that mean they have stopped telling people the real cost of her outfits now after the whole 1Million already spent?

The link is to a similar one that cost 159, but it’s only the same in color. I would think that dress cost more. 

Thank you anon, sorry 

Thought she was vegan?! Or an advocate for animal rights. She got leather fooking gloves, god I hate her, when will it stop, when will Harry find the woman he’s meant to be with. 😓

MM eats meat! She only says she goes vegan part-time, I think the vegan might say something about that. If it poops, you don’t eat it. Markle an idiot.  I know anon, I know, SMH

Thank you anon